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Amakai She/Her

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Just a song I'm kinda really obsessed with.


Hello there and thanks for dropping by my profile!
I'm Amakai; a single 29 year old female from California.
My avatar is male despite my gender being female.
I'm extremely obsessed with FFXV and I multiship!
Nyatis is my mule and main storage of stuff.


  • ladykazumi ladykazumi (2 months ago)

    the game play is so good and uncomplicated i love it

  • ladykazumi ladykazumi (2 months ago)

    i am so excited for the new game coming out this year................. i guys there is a limit to how much you can put in one comment lol

  • ladykazumi ladykazumi (2 months ago)

    i Haven't played any of the fall out games yet... i do not like the games where you have to take turns to fight lol..... my favorite game is "the last of us"

  • ladykazumi ladykazumi (2 months ago)

    i love skyrim, I could never get into the final fantasy games i dont like the game play .... assassin's creed is so much fun... do you like FPS games or zombie games?

  • ladykazumi ladykazumi (2 months ago)

    Ik now but its been awhile since then... what game?

  • ladykazumi ladykazumi (2 months ago)

    hi. its been a while. how long have you been on this site?... masa brought me here right before halloween i think..... how have you been ? lol never thought people would remember my OC's XD


Noctis Lucis Caelum, FFXV, FFXIV, DnD, Space, anime, music, drawing, roleplay, BJDs, cats & more


Art thieves, Drama, trolls, depression, lack of sleep, being sick, bugs, laggy internet, being super cold or super hot, not having power in the house


Drawing, roleplay, chatting with friends, playing games on my phone