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  • pagliacci pagliacci (3 days ago)

    Thank youuu! Yours is very cute. :3

  • Vermii Vermii (2 weeks ago)

    Oh! Well thank you very much lol

  • Fozzy Fozzy (2 weeks ago)

    Such a pretty avatar! Great use of the new Plasma sets. :3

  • Totalanimefan Totalanimefan (2 weeks ago)

    It really is! I’m going to keep my avatar like this until thanksgiving ^^

  • Totalanimefan Totalanimefan (2 weeks ago)

    I love your current avatar

  • Lufi Lufi (1 month ago)

    Thank you! I love the colors you used. We need more yellow and orange outfits!


Cats, the Color Yellow, Family, Nice people. :D


people that take themselves too seriously.


Reading, Watching Chopped, Folding Laundry, Wasting time on the Internet.