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Priestess of Pie Frog bless

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Greetings. Just your friendly neighborhood pie priestess here. I tend to wander in and out of conversations so @ me if you need me. Sorry if I talk about my cats too much.



  • Totalanimefan Totalanimefan (4 weeks ago)

    Our avatar are similar again this year <3 Thank you for the return gift. Merry Christmas! It's going well. What about you?

  • Hachi Hachi (2 months ago)

    your avatar so cute rn im cry...

  • xvz xvz (2 months ago)

    did u pixel moonstone??? it's so pretty, the colored ripple fog n the moon look really nice i love that lil crater circle ...

  • xvz xvz (2 months ago)

    omg pretty avi ...

  • star2000shadow star2000shadow (2 months ago)

    your avi looks amazing.

  • spinda spinda (3 months ago)

    thank you so much!! you're so sweet! ;A;


video games, anime, drawing, cosplay


inconsiderate people, celery


drawing, crafting, gaming, sleeping


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