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Anarchist Beauty's profile



ana(she/her) | 26 | californian
asexual | ravenclaw | loser
writer | roleplayer | netflix addict | mediocre banner maker
add me on discord: anarchist beauty#4870

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  • vengeance vengeance (6 days ago)

    It is called bayshore.

  • Boss Rimi Boss Rimi (1 week ago)

    I miss being rich too dude. We'll be rich again..someday. lol
    Yeah I think it would be much easier to make a quest thread and have it all organized better than on a sheet of paper on my desk.

  • Boss Rimi Boss Rimi (1 week ago)

    Oof! You were hecka rich yo!
    Awesome, I'll check it out cause I kinda want to make a quest thread since It might be easier?

  • Boss Rimi Boss Rimi (1 week ago)

    Also, you have a banner shop? o:

  • Boss Rimi Boss Rimi (1 week ago)

    I don't have many volts at the moment. I have 24k at the moment, so not much. I'd like to save up some volts since I used to have 71k. Aww, it's always a shame when someone leaves. D:

  • Amber Lynne Amber Lynne (1 week ago)

    Completely understandable~<3


pizza, chocolate milk, bb8




netflix, bullet journaling, writing


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