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Tsundererra Fujoshi

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All you need to know about BTS to love them.


Hello~ I’m an old, anxiety-ridden birb lady living in the DMV area. I like to draw, and I love K-pop (hello to any fellow ARMY's).

Check out my Art Shop~!

Thanks for the Bootiful Arts ;’3

Art by Nut

Art by Kiwi

Art by Hachi

Meet my children:

- Mikazuki 三日月
- Kogitsunemaru 小狐丸
- Drogon
- Rhaegal
- Viserion
- Bonemama
- Bonedaddy
(Thank you Ghost for creating and letting me adopt them!)

Virgil is Bae


Image made by the rightful Mayor, Kiwi


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Drawing, K-pop, K-dramas, anime, manga, MCU, video games (Dragon Age series & Final Fantasy series), BIRBz, make up, cloudy days...


Obnoxious/entitled people, traffic, shiso, strawberries, the Sun, Chinese tourists...


Draw, cook/bake, watch movies, sleep, crochet, read, play games, listen to music, study Japanese and Korean...


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