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He no like the banana


Hello. You may know me from other avatar sites such as Ernya, Solia, Gaia, etc. Member of Voltra since Sept 2nd, 2017. I'm a big fan of avatar sites and Voltra is my new internet home.

You can call me Total, that's what most call me, but Anime, or Fan is fine too. I'm not picky.

I’ve lived in a lot of different places. Grew up in South Florida and then moved to England for University for two years. Came back to Florida and then moved to the Bay Area (Northern California) for 5 years. I recently moved to DC. (EST FTW!) I work full time.

My Birthday July 17th!
I like to travel but my body doesn’t.

30 | Married | Friendly | Girl | Otaku | Total | Anime | Fan |

Me and Princess of Pie twinning!

By Ghost

Here are some of the beautiful things y'all have said during past events. If I’m ever feeling down I read this! Thank you. I love you guys!
“u are supper nice and im a total anime fan to :)”

“Thanks for being the sweetest person ever. It is always a joy to chat with you and “Voltra wouldn't be the same without you.”

“Thanks for being so nice & openly chatting with everyone!!!”

“I am glad we got to know each other years back.”

“You have made a very pretty rainbow avatar, I haven't seen anyone make those tights work
like stripes. it is one of my favorite avatars made by you.”

“Do you play quidditch? Because you’re a keeper!” (I’m pretty sure I know who wrote this one)

“You are literally the nicest, friendliest person on here. This site wouldn’t be the same without you.”

“You are such a kind and friendly soul. Thank you for all the positivity you bring to the forums! You are what makes this site such a great place.”

“Thank you for always including me in conversation and encouraging me to engage with this wonderful community. You are truly a beautiful soul.”

“You are always so kind to me, and everyone you meet. What would voltra be without you, too? You are such a nice person and I always enjoy talking to you. ^_^”

“You’re a gem, and a huge light in this community!
Thank you for being you.”

“You’re always in a million places at once! You’re always so kind and sweet, and you’re so easy to talk to. You make voltra really feel like a home and I’m glad you’re here!”

“You’ve been working so hard lately, and it feels so empty around here without you posting everywhere. We all miss you, and I hope we get to chat more when you’re off. Congrats on winning AOTW, your avi was truly beautiful.”

“Everything about you is beautiful. Your avatars, your personality, your kindness. Thank you for being such a wonderful person!”

You guys are gonna make me cry. Thank you all for your kindness. It means the world to me!

Art by Vladimir

Art by Kiwi

Art by Bean


  • Bunninsula Bunninsula (7 days ago)

    Also my friend Mercymurv is enjoying the horns you gave me, lol

  • Bunninsula Bunninsula (7 days ago)

    Yes! I like my avatar so much now that I named her Cobalt and hope to RP with her later.

  • Aisukohi Aisukohi (1 week ago)

    Exactly! I like going to places that have you share big plates of food with the rest of your party. Trouble with me is, I don't have a ton of people to do that with, so feels like a waste lol.

  • Aisukohi Aisukohi (1 week ago)

    Sounds like a good time! I've only been to one small plates restaurant so far. I loved the food, but it was a bit pricy imo. Would probably go again when I'm not feeling as frugal haha.

  • Aisukohi Aisukohi (2 weeks ago)

    Oh fun! My brother mentioned doing something with Pokemon Go today too, so sounds like great timing for you! What kind of food was the restaurant?

  • Aisukohi Aisukohi (2 weeks ago)

    You're welcome, and I'm glad! What all did you do?


Anime, Pokemon, Pizza, Otakon, Friends, Music, Avatar Sites, Tech, Internet and Sanji <3


People not wearing their seatbelt, that bitch Pudding


日本語, Video games, Avatar Sites, Urban Planning and Anime mostly