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@Alorrena: Thank you
Also wow rude much. They are staying in your house for free and need to respect you. They could have let the kids play outside or had them put on a movie or went out to lunch, just something! There are a ton of things that they could have done. No need to shut them up, but also you could let the kids be loud away from sleeping people.
Anyway, I suggest you say they can play outside, or here is a local park or here is a good place for breakfast that we like that isn't too expensive.

@SorrowTheMad: He's not. He went back to the vet yesterday and will be back today. They still don't know what's wrong with him.

Posted in My dog is sick Posted 23 hours ago

@macsen191: Thank you. He's doing a little better today. I got him to eat the GI food the vet gave me.
He is having an ultrasound today. 3 days in a row I had to go to the vet for him.

Posted in honeyglazed ★ Posted 23 hours ago

I'm sure that is hard and takes a lot of mental energy. I like this one because you can type in job titles and they give you suggestions on what to put in. It all sounds very professional too.
But remember, just take it one step at a time and be proud with every small step you take.

Posted in ▪︎ neon's hiding spot ▪︎ Posted 23 hours ago

Thank you. I feel like I can't keep doing this, where the dog gets really sick and I have to take him to the vet. It's happened so many times over the last 2 years.
It is good that he's a bit better today though.

Posted in ▪︎ neon's hiding spot ▪︎ Posted 2 days ago

I would totally feel the same way about going into work when not working for a while. Nice that you got some hours.

Pinto wasn't eating anything still today. Had to take him back again. Got him some GI food and he ate a bit of that when we got home. Tomorrow he has an ultrasound.

Posted in My baby got her first surgery! Posted 2 days ago

@Miss Sandman: Oh no, that's so scary! I'm sure she will be ok.

Posted in My dog is sick Posted 2 days ago

And the vets don’t really know why.
On Sunday he was throwing up.
On Monday he was throwing up and had bloody stool. We took him to the vet.
They don’t know what’s wrong. They gave him some stuff so he would live and ran tests on him.
But today (Tuesday) he’s still low energy and not eating. Although he is drinking and not throwing up or pooping.

He hasn’t gotten into anything as he sleeping and hangs out in a pen since he pees in the house. We don’t give him any human food either. He is however 14 years ago. So not young.

You guys I'm so tired today. Not only has it been a week since moving and we are still unpacking, but we have also been dealing with dropping off stuff for donation, and our dog has been sick since Sunday. We don't know what's wrong with him. He won't eat. He was throwing up and pooping but now he's stopped that but still won't eat. He has no energy to do anything. My husband and I are so worried about him.
I'm not sleeping a lot of hours at night and during the day I do like 10,000 steps unpacking, and packing what the movers missed on Friday and just everything. I feel like there is no break for me (and my husband).

@Lilykin: Yeah me too. I've just been so busy in rl. T_T

@DreamerZ: They sometimes have events. Like for Halloween and Christmas.

@Alorrena: That's good timing! We did end up using a lot of Aldi and other reusable bags.

Posted in I’m moving! (Moved, but unpacking) Posted 2 days ago

@MoodyB: That sounds horrible then. :(

@sunny: We keep him in a pen when he's not supervised because he pees in the house a lot. And nothing was in his pen besides food and water. We don't understand what it could be.

Posted in ▪︎ neon's hiding spot ▪︎ Posted 3 days ago

Yeah really, everything is happening at once and it needs to stop lolol.
I did like 30 mins of unpacking today but it does feel like progress but there is a mountain more to do.

Pinto is 'better'. Not 100% but he's not throwing up or popping blood anymore. He got tests and fluids and meds for at home. Results from tests will come back tomorrow.

Ew about that chicken bone. I hate it when people leave that shit on the ground.

Posted in honeyglazed ★ Posted 3 days ago

Yeah it really freaking is. Take it from someone that does it a lot. First night, just update your resume. Go here, but just copy and paste whatever your final resume is into word or something instead of paying for the service.

Next day update your LinkedIn

Then look for jobs another day, or maybe the recruiters will come to you since you updated your resume and LinkedIn Profile.

Posted in I’m moving! (Moved, but unpacking) Posted 3 days ago

@Purpsy: Yeah I moved a 2 bed/2 bath's worth of stuff. it sucks lol

@sunny: Thank you. It was but I think he will be ok. He was throwing up and had bloody poo and had no energy. They ran tests but we won't know until tomorrow and they gave him some medicine.

@MoodyB: I see. Could you move in with her?

Posted in Guys I can’t… LMAO Posted 3 days ago

I'm sure it was great. No hate here