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My friends call me Meg - at least they would if I had any friends.

I'm a simple lady. I love exploring the streets of Night City and eating junk food until my guts explode. I'm a yarn enthusiast and have too much PTSD than I know what to do with. Creating my own path and forging my future in copywriting.

HMU anytime O3o


  • Ruby Ruby (1 year ago)

    No worries! I too open messages and then forget I haven’t replied xD thank you! Yours is cute too :D

  • Ruby Ruby (2 years ago)

    Welcome to Voltra :3 I also love cats and photography~


kitty snuggles, learning to cook, listening to music, playing video games, Dungeons & Dwagons, Game of Thrones, Supernatural, FMAB, Sailor Moon


Being woken up from naps


Photography, MMOs, Roller Skating, Kitty Snugs, Baking Bread