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  • Vii Vii (1 year ago)

    Miss ya girl. Hope you're doing alright, wherever you are!

  • Lilypoo Lilypoo (3 years ago)

    Aww, thank you dear! Happy to be a part of this wonderful community! <3

  • Zuzu Zuzu (3 years ago)

    Hopefully ye can work things out and let him know you'd like more affection. ^-^

  • Zuzu Zuzu (3 years ago)

    a year's a long time, it just flys by. pretty soon it's going to be 2020.
    looking forward to anything in the coming year? ovo

  • Zuzu Zuzu (3 years ago)

    i'm alive too for the most part XD
    i've been okay. how long has it been? time kinda bleeds together for me.

  • Zuzu Zuzu (3 years ago)

    tink <3 how hath ye been? ovo