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  • Kory Kory (21 hours ago)

    Oh my gosh, that's so sweet of you, Rei! T___T I didn't manage to get an event set this time.

  • Kory Kory (2 months ago)

    That's great! I can't wait for my life to get to a point where it kinda settles down in the direction I like...

  • Kory Kory (2 months ago)

    Whewwwww things have been rough! Haha. I'm just glad to hear everything is going well for you, though! :D

  • Kory Kory (2 months ago)

    Aww! I'm so glad to hear that!!! ^_^ I'm happy that it went well! I'll check out our RPs and reply as soon as I have time and motivation lol. xD

  • Kory Kory (2 months ago)

    How did your wedding go?! :D I hope it went well and everything was perfect!! I have a little bit more free time now, so I can go ahead and post in our RPs. I might be a little bit slow, though.

  • Kory Kory (8 months ago)

    Oh no! :c That sounds horrible! Hopefully he's able to be put on some medication for his anxiety. It sounds like it's really bad, and I think medication would be a big help!


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