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Posted in Browsing Zillow Posted 12 months ago
Millet, spilling the tea:

I for sure fantasize on Zillow among other places.

Currently a home owner but the house is...not great. Lots of bad decisions made with this one. lol

1) It's a duplex, so it's quite small. Which isn't a big deal as it's only my fiance and I anyway but
wouldn't be optimal if we were to want to raise a family.

2) The other half of the duplex is owned by his parents. Which from the start I thought was a bad
idea to be wall to wall with family, but everyone talked me into it being a great idea and not to be a sore sport.
I was right. It's kinda miserable. Love them, sweet people! Close proximity no thank youuuuuu.
They are LOUD. They are ALWAYS screaming at eachother. I don't think they even love each other anymore and just sticklers for tradition at the cost of their own happiness. We are on entirely different schedules so they constantly wake us up. That and their dogs are very poorly trained, and they never walk their dogs. Just let them out side and shit in both of our yards without picking it up. The dogs will bark for half an hour every time a car drives by- including if we pull up home. ITS A NOISY NIGHTMARE lol
3) There's no stores within 20 minutes of us and commuting has been a pain I didn't anticipate would bug me this much to literally anywhere. It's an hour drive to work and an hour drive back home. orz

4) It's built so weird and I didn't realize it when first looking around. Like one night hte battery in our smoke detector was beeping off because it was dying but the smoke detector was on one of our high ceilings...that requires a giant ass ladder (like 20 feet) to get. We didnt own one and the stores near by didn't sell one so we had to wait three days for a expensive ass ladder to be delivered so we could change the battery. xD there's LOTS of weird little building choices like this throughout the house that don't make much sense and are challenging to work around. xD

Dream house, dream location won't ever happen RIP:,fsbo_lt/house,condo,apartment_duplex,mobile,land_type/2086639562_zpid/4-_beds/1.5-_baths/1000-_size/Garage_att/pricea_sort/42.390121,-71.65472,42.167093,-71.88818_rect/11_zm/0_mmm/

and just for fun- the impossible millionaire only one:,fsbo_lt/house,condo,apartment_duplex,mobile,land_type/56744098_zpid/58448_rid/4-_beds/1.5-_baths/1000-_size/Garage_att/pricea_sort/42.340084,-71.771021,42.22858,-71.887751_rect/12_zm/0_mmm/

(well first house isn't 'dream' location, but ideal location for work. I have high hopes to move to Canada someday.)

I've never sympathized with a post so much lol. I currently live with my sister, her husband and their two babies (my sweet nephews who I love dearly) in a tiny one bathroom house.

They're gross and lazy and have no respect for my stuff. The husband eats all my food, neither of them clean, no respect for my bedtime which is early bc I work two jobs.

God, I feel your pain.

Are duplexes bad in general you think? I'm thinking of renting one when I move later this year. I guess it depends on who your neighbor would be, but at the same time, it's half of a house all to yourself and I've seen some for $700 a month in the area I'm looking at.

Those are some cute homes!! I hope you find peace wherever you move next.
Posted in Browsing Zillow Posted 12 months ago
Just pretending I can afford a 20% down payment on a $400k home.


Anyone else fantasize about owning a home? What would be your ideal dwelling?

Honestly I'm aiming for a 150-200k townhome or condo. I'm one person so I don't need much space, and I hate doing outside work, but I don't want to flush money down the drain as a renter, lol.
Posted in What was the last movie you saw? Posted 12 months ago
Got about halfway through Mother! over the weekend. I should finish it. It's a little frustrating to watch because no one reacts like a normal human in the movie, but I'm assuming that's a plot point. If it's not a plot point, I'll frown.
Posted in What are you currently watching? Posted 12 months ago
I just got caught up with Boku No Hero Academia, I'm not sure what to watch next.

I'm waiting for new episodes of Dororo, but since that's coming out weekly, I figure I can fill in my time with Black Jack and keep my Tezuka streak going lol.
Posted in What are you currently listening to? Posted 1 year ago
The Ghostbusters Theme...

Fitting for today. :'D
Posted in Have you ever met a celebrity? Posted 1 year ago
I met the dude who plays Chewbacca a while back at a convention. His autograph was $35, wew. Also, he's MASSIVE.

I don't think these count, but I've in-person been to panels by Doug from TGWTG and Tom Kenny (Spongebob).
Posted in What are you currently listening to? Posted 1 year ago
Astral Doors - Slay the Dragon
I was kinda enjoying Jericho, which got terminated like two episodes into the second or third season. :( But I guess if you don't get a show cancelled, it becomes The Walking Dead or Supernatural, where the creators just don't know when to stop (also money, but I like to look at TV in the context of the story).
Posted in Anime You're Following Posted 1 year ago
Can't wait for new seasons for ao no exorcist and one punch man.

Didn't Ao No Exorcist just get a new season? I know I just finished the latest one, but that's probably because I'm absurdly behind. 8[ Ugh. And YES TO ONE PUNCH MAN. I don't know why there isn't a new season for this yet???!!

I need to watch more Cells At Work!.

It's not anime, but the first episode of Kamen Rider Zi-O just aired yesterday. So far, I like it.

Been meaning to get to Cells At Work!! I watched part of the first ep, White Cell is Best Boy!!

I've heard of Banana Fish and I'm curious, but I'm not sure where to watch it.

I started watching the new series of Free! but I kind of forgot about it... I guess it kind of depresses me that the characters have graduated high school and are going to separate colleges, and some of their friends are still back in high school, so they aren't constantly together anymore. And it introduced a lot of new characters and now it just feels like a different show...

Banana Fish can be found on Amazon Prime. :) And that sucks about Free!, I personally haven't watched it, I was a little turned off by the obvious fanservice (I like my fanservice hard to predict LOL). Maybe consider it a spinoff in that case?

Also, to add to my own viewing list for the summer season, I binged Angels of Death a few weeks ago. It's got that dumb Jeff The Killer vibe, but in a campy fun way. I like it, in the same way a lot of people enjoyed Kill La Kill; you constantly have to ask yourself, how serious is this show? Pretty great.
Posted in I might be dead tomorrow Posted 1 year ago
Oh wow, is that a photo of where you went? That's gorgeous, I am ten flavors of jelly... ;o;
Posted in Anime You're Following Posted 1 year ago
Hi! Since anime is aired in seasons, what are you following for summer?

I'm following Chuukan Kanriroku Tonegawa, Banana Fish, and Sirius the Jaeger, though I think I'm a week behind on everything because I let it pile up. ;o;

Tonegawa is a spinoff of the Kaiji series, which I love. I'm currently waiting for best boy to make a solid appearance.

Banana Fish is based off the manga from the 80s/90s, basically about a gangster with a rough past trying to figure out what exactly banana fish is.

Sirius the Jaeger is about... vampires and werewolves, I think? I haven't gotten very far, but I know there's vampires.

So what are you watching from summer 2018?

For next season, if Promare airs, I'll probably be following that.

What's coming up in Autumn that you're excited for?

For the complete summer list, follow this link:

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Posted in What are you currently reading? Posted 1 year ago
I've been listening to the Pendergast series by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.

Currently on Two Graves. Weird book, a pretty major lift off from the previous books in the series, imo.
Posted in What are you currently listening to? Posted 1 year ago
Danzig - Mother
Posted in What are you currently listening to? Posted 2 years ago
Listening to Last Podcast on the Left discussing Aum Shinrikyo.