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Posted in What have you been making lately? Posted 2 months ago
@Totalanimefan: omg I'm totally subbed to their YouTube channel but haven't watched shit from them yet lol, been mostly watching Binging with Babish and dumb 30 second Tasty gifs 😂 but yes pleeease, my boyfriend has gotten me into curry and spicy stuff and I'm desperate for more
Posted in What have you been making lately? Posted 2 months ago
@Totalanimefan: haha, pinterest and quarantine produces intense results. ;_; do you have a recipe for your curry? I'm always happy to try new things!
Posted in What have you been making lately? Posted 2 months ago
Coconut curry with red bell peppers sounds incredible... 🤤🤤🤤

I've been making wanlut rosemary bread, sugar crusted chocolate cookies, grasshopper cheesecake, fish curry, slow cooker roasts, etc. Stress baking. 👌
Posted in Ouch. Posted 2 months ago
Ugh, that's awful... Hope you don't feel it too bad the next day. :(
Posted in What are you currently listening to? Posted 5 months ago
Inferno, from the Promare soundtrack. It's so catchy. ;_; I woke up with it stuck in my head reeeeeeee.
Posted in People are nuts Posted 5 months ago
Urgh. I just got back from a 4:30am Walmart run (I wake up super early), and the toilet paper shelves were EMPTY, along with most of the cleaning supplies, trash bags, paper towels, etc.

I keep reading articles that people are panic-buying because they feel like shit is out of control, due to the Trump admin not really giving decent leadership in any way, shape or form. The president is sitting down one day, saying this will all blow over, then the next day, he's like "eh maybe it will maybe it won't idk ¯\(°_o)/¯", then comparing the tests to his "perfect phone call" that got him impeached which is tasteless and I just --

The virus isn't nearly as terrifying as the reaction to it from our leaders (US anyway) and the gen pop.

Sorry for the political rant, I've never been so truly affected by what a president has (or has not) done before. The lack of response is truly, truly amazing and scary. Not only that, but I'm watching my stocks plummet every weekday, too, so that's fucking pleasant.
Posted in What's your favorite podcasts? Posted 5 months ago
Last Podcast on the Left is my favorite tbh, they cover true crime and are funny as hell. Also gonna see them live next month! I suppose some people may find issue with their brand of humor though.

Sword and Scale is more true crime, but... the host, Mike Boudet, is kind of a dumbass. I dunno, the content is fine but the host needs to chill the fuck out about how much he hates #woke culture. I came here for true crime, not to listen to someone bitch about Twitter lol.

Southern Fried True Crime is kinda nice, a little bland, but the woman who hosts it has a soothing voice, so I appreciate it.

The Dollop covers American history with two comedians. They're ok, their jokes are hit and miss, but they cover some obscure stuff (like stuff from my hometown, which is so small that people in the state didn't know where my hometown was) so that was awesome.
Posted in Daylight Savings. Posted 5 months ago
I'm so happy. * u * Fall makes it hard to get out and do stuff after work, I get so tired when it gets dark at like 5, and I don't really like going outside in the dark. Not to mention I think I have a pretty moderate to severe case of seasonal affective disorder, so I feel really down during fall/winter. :[

But now it won't be dark til 7:15 or so, I'm thrilled and feeling way better. AllTrails has a lot of places I still wanna check out, and I can finally start doing that after work instead of waiting for the weekend. :D
Posted in Online clothing stores Posted 5 months ago
Rainbow is absurdly cheap online, but there's some questions about how ethical fast fashion is...

Good luck buying shoes, I don't think I've ever bought them online because they vary so much. At least with clothes, you can get measurements in inches, but shoes are just... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Posted in It’s done T-T Posted 5 months ago

I love the backlit mirror omg and that is some GORGEOUS tiling.
Posted in Your worst fears. Posted 5 months ago
Knowing that every second, my body is breaking down more and more and someday I will die. Pretty standard fear, of course, but it's one that sometimes keeps me up at night.

Though, after reading On A Pale Horse by Piers Anthony, a suicide victim had some great insight, that he wasn't conscious before he was born and he will not be conscious after he dies. It's a weirdly comforting thought.
Posted in I have become obsessed with stardew valley Posted 5 months ago
Omg I've been playing a lot of Stardew recently too... I'm really bad about playing games since I work two jobs, but I've managed to get 50 hours in since about December.

Think I might try to woo Sebastian in the coming winter month...
Posted in Out all night Posted 5 months ago
I have some buttermilk from November that I still use, I don't think that counts though LOL.

Just give the leftovers a smell test!
Posted in help! which wheels? Posted 5 months ago
@kegs: Yep!! I live in NC now but grew up in CT, had a Subie the whole time I lived up north. :) Both Subies I owned were early 00's shitboxes, so I really didn't have a reason to call out of work LOL.

I do love my Civic though, but yeah. I'm sure the WRX will serve you very well, she's absolutely gorgeoussss. I love that bright red color, I kind of wanted my Civic in neon red, but family talked me down because "red cars get pulled over the most" (I looked it up, white cars actually get pulled over the most), so I'm a little jealous but mostly starry eyed at your beast.