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cedes ~love~

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hello I'm cedes ouo~~
I like smilies and exclamation marks, I apologize in advance BWHAHA

Also I went by love in a lot of past avis, if ran into love in the past it was probably me!


  • Totalanimefan Totalanimefan (12 months ago)

    Glad to see you around.

  • Shadami Shadami (2 years ago)

    Finished drawing you in AAY

  • Boss Rimi Boss Rimi (2 years ago)

    Boss Love! Hello! <3

  • Boss Rimi Boss Rimi (2 years ago)

    *rolls through your profile*

  • Q t e a p o n Q t e a p o n (2 years ago)

    Hello love! How you’ve been? I haven’t talked to you in forever 😭

  • Neko Neko (2 years ago)

    hi ur avi is t e r r i f y i n g


Doodling, Skyrim, Sims, chatting on discord, dogs, sweet things!! exclamations, smilies, and other general fun things!


I don\'t like coffee, most teas, and... sadly most of the popular shows LOL;;;


Art, Gaming, Worldbuilding with my OCs! Avi Sites!!