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Name: Elizabeth | Age: 30 | Status: Taken| Orintation: Bi | Mental: High-functioning Autistic
Different.Not less.


  • Mandy Amour Mandy Amour (5 months ago)

    I miss you

  • Kiri Kiri (4 years ago)

    Thank you for the comment, but your profile is even better!

  • Aly Aly (6 years ago)

    Sending me best wishes to you, lovely.
    Hope to see you back and feeling better soon <3

  • Aly Aly (6 years ago)

    i need those cats on your profile omg thEY ARE SO CUTE <3

  • Kiri Kiri (6 years ago)

    Could you please tell me how to get an image in the header section at the top and also in the avatar box in the header as well?

  • Aly Aly (6 years ago)

    Dropping in to say hello- HELLO! c:


Cats, Anime, Customization, Music, Steven Universe, Rick and Morty (Rick <3)


Mean people :0(


Cooking, Napping, Video Games, Doodling, Coding (Newbie).