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Was Taurus/Raichuu on Ernya

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If you live in the ugliest house around, you have the greatest view in the neighborhood.


  • milkshake milkshake (1 month ago)

    u look cool uwu

  • creativitea creativitea (2 months ago)

    Yeah it has been quite a while, heheh. I just missed avatar forums and got an ad for the event on fab, so I gave it a go. Oh well, I hope to catch you whenever you do log on then :’)

  • creativitea creativitea (2 months ago)

    idk if you're still active, but i'm back on this site c:

  • Q t e a p o n Q t e a p o n (2 months ago)

    I love your fushion of bears X3

  • Totalanimefan Totalanimefan (5 months ago)

    It's just so good and original!

  • Totalanimefan Totalanimefan (5 months ago)

    I love your avatar!