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If you live in the ugliest house around, you have the greatest view in the neighborhood.


  • Q t e a p o n Q t e a p o n (3 months ago)

    Wild, but still loyal o w o

  • Q t e a p o n Q t e a p o n (4 months ago)

    *boop* o w o

  • Jessibuns Jessibuns (4 months ago)

    nothing really, being supervisor just isnt fun lmao. but nice, congrats!

  • Jessibuns Jessibuns (4 months ago)

    work has been a pain in the ass lmaooo. how about for you?

  • Jessibuns Jessibuns (4 months ago)

    they are still around! i ended up making a new account and starting fresh tbh. there are charities that are helpful for that

  • Jessibuns Jessibuns (4 months ago)

    i'm only on like 2 sites actively lol. panth and kofk. and even then is like smei active. got kinda burnt out on avi sites for awhile there.