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Boss Rimi They/Them

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x Asexual
x 26 (turning 27 in October 5th, 2019)
x Libra
x Business Major
x College Student
x Genderfluid

"You're Voltra's Jameson." - Tsundererra (Sep 15 2019)

(will add more when I can think of more)


  • kiwi kiwi (2 weeks ago)

    I am appeased ✨✨

  • xnovax xnovax (1 month ago)

    Just wanted to say hey and see how you were doing 💕

  • littlewhitedragonlet littlewhitedragonlet (2 months ago)

    //pats you the thought is much appreciated even if it is not technically needed <3

  • littlewhitedragonlet littlewhitedragonlet (2 months ago)

    ADWSFGHJK BWAH thank you ;A; but I got oooooone last night? this morning? time is fake but the last scoop I did gave me a fox ;v;

  • kiwi kiwi (2 months ago)

    Oh no :c are you getting sick? I’m alright, just a little tired haha

  • AestheticFearieKitty AestheticFearieKitty (2 months ago)


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