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Kairu Purple-boi

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Kairu IRL is a plant that looks like an Oddish. (She/Her)

Also an ninja art giver. Art Gallery

This plant barely owns volts. RIP. Wishlist

A big fan of Gary x Jerry. Ghosties for life! ouo/


  • Vixen Vixen (2 weeks ago)

    yeah just got more things to take care off; and i want to do other things too haha; i'm rotating where i spend my free time

  • Wildfire Wildfire (2 weeks ago)

    Occupied? Hopefully that's good things occupied and not nomming on Vixen's brainz!!!

  • Vixen Vixen (2 weeks ago)

    not bad; just not as active as before. but that's just how life is haha

  • Vixen Vixen (2 weeks ago)

    we call that cannibalism kairu

  • Wildfire Wildfire (2 weeks ago)

    << iz gud mostly.
    How iz Uuuuu???

  • Wildfire Wildfire (2 weeks ago)

    <3 <3


Sweets, all the purple, Nendoroids


im a chronic sleeper (naps +1000)


Art, Coding, Writing