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Voltie Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/03/4 03:40:31 )

I'm joining in on this as well *w*
I'll be posting all of my beautiful drawing nonesense in this thread <3
Most likely a lot of WIPS or just whatever feels right.
I do have an Instagram acc solely for my art tho is @lljessymessyll

Alright on to my first post~

My recent sketchbook page. Don't be fooled, my sketchbook pages are not always this neat. I just draw all over the place =w=;
None of these are my original creations per say but the girl in glasses is the one I'm practicing in watercolor at the moment.
One thing I learned though is that is really difficult to draw croissants, like I was honestly struggling drawing them.


Donator — SIR Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/03/4 03:54:29 )
@PurpdaBurpPurp: that's pretty sweet. I have considered doing pixel art. Someone special turned me on to it and so I began researching in order to understand their passion. I'm thinking I may continue to dabble in it. My artistry tends to be through my writing. I've always been envious of people who can draw and paint etc.

Donator — AAAAAAAAAA Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/03/4 04:05:05 )

    your style is so cuteee 💕


Voltie Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/03/4 04:11:49 )

@Xanthan: Thanks and give it a shot and have fun with it :3
I write also and writing itself is art too. Like I have to be creative with my poems a lot or else I won't like it =w=

@pachi: Ty so much~


Voltie — she/her Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/03/4 06:00:44 )
your style is so cute!! <3
and your proportions are great for a cartoon/soft style! how did you practice those?

Donator — SIR Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/03/4 07:47:50 )
@PurpdaBurpPurp: I love poetry. I write short stories as well. Erotica. And in my grandest of delusions has me convinced I may actually finish my book. Lol I'd love to share poetry with you sometime.

Artist — she/they Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/03/4 11:54:08 )
I too love your style. Those croissants are making me hungry. (but I'm pregnant, so thats not exactly hard to do, lol...)
Ping me, Devil Daddy, ping me.

Voltie Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/03/4 13:54:22 )

@chika: Just a lot of practice and I draw almost daily. Propertions is one of my weakness that's why I started out drawing chibi characters. Then over the years my style evolve into something else today. Now my greatest struggle is drawing poses T^T

@Xanthan: Ooh! Those are tough to write :o
At least for me, I dabble in on writing stories too but they're not easy. I could never finish any of my stories...

@Glume: Awe congrats!
I'm glad you still find it appetizing. It still doesn't look like a croissant to me :/


Donator — SIR Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/03/4 14:37:49 )
@PurpdaBurpPurp: brainstorming for me tends to come easily. My problem right now is I have various "scenes" written but no full chapter. In fact I have about Idk 2/3 of 3 separate chapters and still deciding on my direction lol I cant make up my mind. PS love your artistic styling. I'm envious.
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Donator — Frog bless Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/03/4 16:41:42 )

Your style is super fun! I love the hatching. It really gives it a different feel you know? Like it's texturally appealing in addition to being cute as heck.

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Voltie Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/03/4 17:36:26 )

@Priestess of Pie: ty so much xD
The funny part is I never knew watch hatching is and I was already doing it, I guess I learn it from another artist on Instagram long ago.
I'm not a fan of actually shading in ink, it felt like I'm wasing a lot of ink in each drawing. And I don't want to constantly buy pens.

Ah well I never brainstorm on my past stories. I know is bad but I can be very impulsive when it comes to writing. I feel like I'll lose inspiration if I jot things down first and that's why I just stick to poems nowadays and random short stories.
And thanks~ I still got a long way to go though =w=;


Donator — She/her Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/03/4 21:14:22 )

These are really cute drawings!


Voltie — she/her Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/03/4 22:42:25 )
⭑@PurpdaBurpPurp: i totally understand that! proportions are super challenging for me which is why i try to draw a lot from reference and stuff like that but i'm honestly just still bad at it. chibi art is way harder than it looks! i make their heads look GIANT and its borderline not cute anymore lmao✰

Voltie Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/03/4 23:27:51 )

@chika: Yep that's how I started. I went through a phase of drawing the head bigger than the body because that's how chibis are traditionally drawn. Eventually I didn't like it and now it got to the point that my style is not really chibi anymore. Is kind of like borderline cartoons now XD

Ooh I do that with poses now, I find references online. Specifically the ones with guidelines so I can somehow copy and learn how the body moves. I heard is also good to sketch people and ask them to strike a pose or just sketch random people in public. But I'm too shy for that >.<


Voltie Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/03/4 23:28:57 )

@Totalanimefan: Ty so much ^^

Donator — She/her Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/03/5 00:30:55 )

Anytime <33

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Artist — She/Toad Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/03/5 01:11:20 )
These are all super cute, nice work :)
Something I just want to point out is in some of the drawings the head is a little too far back on the neck, try moving it outwards a little more (relative to the drawings themselves, move the head more to the right), if that makes any sense lol

Voltie Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/03/5 04:29:08 )

Don't mind me just slipping another drawing in...

Merp I just realized how awkward looking the head is placed here x.x
Might redraw a better version later


Voltie Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/03/5 04:31:31 )

@grost: Ahh I see, I struggle with those a lot but ty for the advice~
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Voltie — she/her Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/03/5 05:02:48 )
⭑@PurpdaBurpPurp: yeah your style is definitely cartoonish! im at that point where my style is still too much like anime and its kind of bothering me. i want to learn a more realistic style but its taking so long haha✰

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