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Voltie Posted 1 year ago ( 2021/03/1 21:38:57 )

I'm done!

I starve myself trying to get this done today TwT
*runs off to make some instant ramen for lunch*


Voltie Posted 1 year ago ( 2021/03/15 19:49:12 )

I got tired drawing people all the time so I needed a break.
So I decided to draw a screeching radish that I often doodle sometimes xD


Voltie Posted 1 year ago ( 2021/03/29 19:24:21 )

Finally got the lineart done.
I was hesitant of drawing this particular avatar I have because of how complicated it will be but it turn out kinda ok?
I really wanted to draw a spring theme art and well good thing I have an avatar on my closet that resembles that xD

At least now I can start colouring it tomorrow


Voltie Posted 1 year ago ( 2021/04/2 21:12:45 )

My progress so far~
I was working on this very late the other night so I didn't make much progress today x.x

But I think my colouring is improving and I recently discovered a new brush that I definitely will use more often in the future<3


Voltie Posted 1 year ago ( 2021/04/7 21:18:03 )

And I'm done!
I spend too much time deciding on what colour the background should be so in the end I settle with a lighter skin tone colour.
I had fun working on it tho~


Voltie Posted 1 year ago ( 2021/04/10 18:56:53 )
I draw my current avi late last night.
I love her and named her Strawberry Sunrise hehe xD
But man I miss drawing on paper again.

Btw like my new post style? I always wanted to use my art as one =w=


Voltie Posted 1 year ago ( 2021/04/19 23:53:09 )

This one is just a practice art on one of my avis here.
I wanted to try a different brush without using the blending tool too much.


Voltie Posted 11 months ago ( 2021/07/3 00:43:51 )

Is been awhile, but I have done some digital stuff while I was away here, but most of them are redraws of my old digital artworks from few years ago. I have drawn too much Votra avatars that I can no longer draw a character of my own like I used to x.x


Voltie Posted 10 months ago ( 2021/07/14 17:17:36 )

I drew my current avatar to get back on my traditional drawing.
She kind of ended up looking more psycho than the original... at least to me


Voltie Posted 10 months ago ( 2021/07/20 19:25:20 )

Drew a fanart~
Guess the character ewe


Donator Posted 10 months ago ( 2021/07/26 05:03:13 )
Your art is absolutely adorable!! I LOVE the pastel rainbow digital art you did the most!
Makes me wanna draw too, lol. Haven't drawn any cute stuff in a while.

Voltie Posted 8 months ago ( 2021/09/21 02:18:44 )

Wew is been awhile... so here's what I'm currently working at.
I'm unsure if I want to use this as my new post style since I do have another idea to draw for one


Voltie Posted 8 months ago ( 2021/09/21 18:54:52 )

Here's the finished version <3
I decided to draw something specifically for my new post style.
I think it will be an interesting project to work on ^^


Voltie Posted 7 months ago ( 2021/10/30 03:38:57 )

Working on a Halloween drawing which I hope I'll finish it on time. But I pretty much got the lineart done for tonight.
I was on a huge stump on what to draw for this Halloween so I decided to draw my current avatar that is on theme anyway which I plan to draw eventually.

Plus drawing witches seems very overrated for me to draw so at least this one is a little different this year :3


Voltie Posted 7 months ago ( 2021/10/31 20:07:37 )

Happy Halloween everyone!
I just finish this one on time phew


Donator — She/her Posted 7 months ago ( 2021/10/31 20:42:14 )

It's so good! Happy Halloween!

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Voltie Posted 6 months ago ( 2021/12/1 17:41:35 )

I drew a rough sketch of KC (Valkyrae’s sister) While watching their stream. I like the drawing so much I decided to continue on with the drawing digitally~


Voltie Posted 5 months ago ( 2021/12/29 17:08:47 )

Currently in the middle of drawing on one of my recent DV avatar.
I'm really happy how the lineart turn out so far that I post it on my story on Insta.


Donator Posted 5 months ago ( 2021/12/29 18:03:22 )
You have some very cute art pieces here, dear. ^_^ Very good.

Voltie Posted 5 months ago ( 2021/12/29 18:37:52 )

@Grandma: Awe thank you ^^

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