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Don't you know
So many things they come and go?
Like your words that once rang true
Just like the love I thought I found in you

And I remember the thunder
Talkin' 'bout the fire in your eyes
But you walked away when I needed you most
Now, maybe baby, maybe baby

I found someone
To take away the heartache
To take away the loneliness
I've been feelin' since you've been gone


Proud father. Avid reader. Amateur writer. Southern gentleman sometimes a belle depending on the day. Mental health advocate. Ph.d student in human and social services. Certified Life Coach and Hypnotherapist.

Art by Dipper


  • LupaPrinceRomulus LupaPrinceRomulus (2 years ago)

    So how's it going?

  • x x (2 years ago)

    Thank you so much! ; o ; Sorry i'm replying sooper late.

  • LilMissKushy LilMissKushy (2 years ago)

    Aww miss ur face too 💙 I'm good how are you ?

  • Glume Glume (2 years ago)

    Haay, I've been ok. Busy mom stuff, you know :p

  • Lucifera Lucifera (3 years ago)

    I hope you're doing well! Sorry for disappearing. Life being a butt has me all up in the overtime at work. D=

  • Glume Glume (3 years ago)

    Hey! Hope you're having a good Voliday. Sorry I forget to be a friend, narcolepsy and new momness is a tough combo.


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My Own Headspace at Times ◾ Dogs ◾ Depression ◾ People who don't like the Golden Girls


Reading ~ Writing ~ Studying ~ Teaching ~ Hiking ~ Camping ~ Bowling ~ Anything dealing with music such as Singing or Dancing ~ Anime