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Hey, hey, hey! I am Kiri and I am here to make good friends!

I will dress my avatar up as either gender, so don't guess which I am by that. I will mostly be found in the arcade forums because I am not very sociable. I do try to talk, so if I seem to be ignoring you, I'm not, promise! I probably just ran out of things to say XD

Now I am not good at holding conversations, but I do love writing! If you love writing too and want to roleplay with someone, let me know. I currently have a thread in the roleplay forum about a group My Hero Academia roleplay.


  • skettiyeti skettiyeti (4 years ago)

    I saw your comment albeit two months late. Wanted to say thanks! I like your avvie too!

  • Rayon Declaire Rayon Declaire (4 years ago)

    thanks so much ^^

  • Totalanimefan Totalanimefan (5 years ago)

    Thank you I’m glad you like my avatar!

  • Laufeia Laufeia (5 years ago)

    Oh noes D: I have teeth damage so I really had to cut back on sugars and all things good too... but I’m addicted q_q ...r.i.p.

  • Laufeia Laufeia (5 years ago)

    >_> I eat a single walnut and gain 5 lbs

  • Laufeia Laufeia (5 years ago)

    Yeah yeah. I agree. T H I C C iS BEST


Animals, Anime, manga, reading, roleplaying, singing and changing my avatar


Bullies, sleeping and growing up


Roleplaying, eating, watching anime, cosplaying