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Rayon Declaire Artist

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I listen to vocaloid way too much. Like, that's ALL I really listen to lately. o w o

Randoms about me:

I am F || Taken || Weeb trash and knows it || Brings stupid to a whole new level when high/drunk/ or past bedtime || I own cat || My cat is slightly retarded || I dont care about shoes makeup or if what I'm wearing is visually pleasant to you. || I cannot tolerate stupid people-- this includes myself || Color of favorite be blue || I make finger art *Points around profile* || I have never been able to maintain ONE single friendship. This is extremely sad. || Watching me play a horror game would be the funniest thing you'd ever see || I have A of the DD || I have crippling depression. It gets really bad every other day. || I enjoy clothing/style of the Gothic&/or Lolita Variety. Along with Harajuku, Steampunk, punk and Scene. || I suspect I have some form of bipolar or at least tendencies for sure. || I like talking to people when I am in a good mood ||


  • Priestess of Pie Priestess of Pie (4 months ago)

    I'll make a note to ping you if/when I open them back up.

  • Priestess of Pie Priestess of Pie (4 months ago)

    I'm a bit busy lately with personal projects so I'm not able to take on commissions at the moment. =(

  • Priestess of Pie Priestess of Pie (4 months ago)

    Yes, that's me!

  • Panda Panda (5 months ago)

    Solid Racoon Hair and Dorm Mouse event item ^^

  • Kiri Kiri (5 months ago)

    I love your avatar and your finger art.

  • Totalanimefan Totalanimefan (6 months ago)

    Thanks! What items have you made as an artist?



Being too hot, Tryhards, Bullies, Seafood, Overly spicy food


Traditional art, Watching anime, Videogames, Digital art