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I am a meat popsicle

24 || INFP || perpetual existential crisis

I enjoy rainy days and a good cup of tea
gaming // writing // coding // drawing // stargazing // watching movies // studying languages

Currently Reading
nothing atm Q nQ

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Destiny 2 & Aurora Legend & Darkness Rises

Free time, fantasy/sci-fi, cyberpunk, animals, food, good music, contemplation, meditation, a clean home, loyal friends

Liars, cheaters, fake people; people who think they're better than others, people who drive slow in the left lane, people who leave their SHOPPING CARTS OUT IN THE PARKING LOT instead of PUTTING THEM AWWAy ffs


  • Totalanimefan Totalanimefan (1 month ago)

    I wish you were still around.

  • Totalanimefan Totalanimefan (10 months ago)

    How are you?

  • Tink Tink (11 months ago)


  • Francisco Francisco (1 year ago)

    did you click the window :0

  • Peachy Peachy (1 year ago)

    Omg ty
    Check out Kingluludeer on deviantart for more of those pixels!
    They to dieeee for.

  • Twigg Twigg (1 year ago)

    Omg thank youuuu!! I finally have enough items to make a presentable looking one!