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creativitea xe/they

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i want to live in the forest like an angry goblin,
but i'm soft so i'll probably just play ukulele by the river



  • Lilykin Lilykin (17 minutes ago)

    Thank you! 💕

  • Totalanimefan Totalanimefan (13 hours ago)

    Hey long time no see, hope you are doing well

  • Deaa Deaa (1 day ago)

    I loved loved loved My Love from the Stars and Producers; but I also really love IU and Kim Soo Hyun; I'm watching Hotel Del Luna off and on~ and you?

  • Deaa Deaa (3 days ago)

    oooh i love your profile bio-art-thingy! yea, ross is a big jerk, never got the nice guy act unless it's just showing how "nice guys" are just entitled guys. and yes! i love kdramas!!!

  • blinkini blinkini (4 days ago)

    I member you, too. Didn't you have a different username originally, on Ernay? :o

  • Shark Shark (4 days ago)

    thank you thank you!


tea, my ukulele, comics, doodling, and i'm hella weak for cottagecore/goblincore vibes


making smalltalk. + you know.. bigotry and all that shit that hateful people do


stimming and sleeping