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Keo She/Her

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Wellp I left.... Not worth staying tbh
Find me here
DV // TH // Lasria


  • Justice Justice (9 months ago)

    aw it's okay~ c: im open to whatever rly, humbled to be donated something to begin with n.n

  • Justice Justice (9 months ago)

    oh just noticed you commented on my profile ^o^; i didnt get any but nbd. I was curious what the bath bomb thing was tho tbh~

  • Justice Justice (9 months ago)

    wish i could fav your avi~ i love it!

  • Ark Ark (9 months ago)

    Your avatar looks so cooooooolllll *0*

  • Ruby Ruby (9 months ago)

    It's really well balanced! That's so hard to do here haha Really impressive work!

  • Ruby Ruby (9 months ago)

    Omg I love your Halloween colors avi!!!


food, drawing, beadwork, strawberries, foooooortniiiiiiiite


bugs...…... and peaches *3*


drawing, beading, gaming, youtube