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Hey howdy hey!
How y'all doing today? :D
Keo here! I am 28 and I hail from the sunshine state in the good old USA!
I'm a new mom! I adopted my son when he was born in January of this year!
He's the light of my life, sunshine of my soul and I love to talk about him oodles and oodles! ;w;
I love cats and own 10 of them! I also love to talk about my furbabies oodles and oodles!
If you ever want to talk to me you can catch me in the forums!
If that ain't your style you can leave me a comment or pm ♥


  • Totalanimefan Totalanimefan (3 months ago)

    We would like seeing you on Voltra again! lol

  • Kairu Kairu (3 months ago)

    da purple looks good on ya -dapurpleKairu


    im gud, how ya been?

  • Kairu Kairu (4 months ago)

    nu. its bomb. bomb clocks


  • Kairu Kairu (5 months ago)

    im busy the whole weekend. so like.. i didnt get any confetti rip xD

    hows your weekend?

  • Kairu Kairu (5 months ago)

    time is too short for me. I cri everytime ;w;

  • Kairu Kairu (5 months ago)

    love your new avy btw! i feel like time moves too fast when im doing some work


food, art, MBMBaM, TAZ, avatar sites, animation, the occasional rp


bullies, homophobes, false friends, liars, users, fakers.... and bugs lol


drawing, gaming, youtube, listening to musuc


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