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Keo She/Her

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Hey howdy hey!
How y'all doing today? :D
Keo here! I am 30 and I hail from the sunshine state in the good old USA!
I'm a mom! My beautiful boy is 3 years old!
He's the light of my life, sunshine of my soul and I love to talk about him oodles and oodles! ;w;
I love cats and own a big black fatty named Piccolo! I also love to talk about him oodles and oodles! Lmao
I am Kanienkeha of the Haudenosaunee people! I love my culture and have taken up the art of beadwork! I would love to yabber on about that as well... and show off some of my stuffs >u>;;
If you ever want to talk to me you can catch me in the forums..... soon-ish.... if I plan on sticking around lmaoooo
If that ain't your style you can leave me a comment or pm ♥


  • Ruby Ruby (1 week ago)

    Loving all your avis! Haven’t gotten a chance to say so yet, but good stuff!

  • AlexiAkira AlexiAkira (2 months ago)

    Wasn't that the first one? ; u;

  • AlexiAkira AlexiAkira (2 months ago)

    I rarely got past the pizza almost-nommer. •~•

  • AlexiAkira AlexiAkira (2 months ago)

    Nooooooooooooooo! BUT I do like ur treeness! ; u;

  • AlexiAkira AlexiAkira (2 months ago)

    GOODS O uO //shot

  • Ark Ark (2 months ago)

    Omg, I forgot about caramel ice cream! That sounds like heaven right now. ;A; You gotta treat yourself to some ice cream soon! :3


food, drawing, beadwork, strawberries, foooooortniiiiiiiite


bullies, homophobes, false friends, liars, users, fakers.... and bugs lol


drawing, beading, gaming, youtube