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I love the color blue. My birthday is 13 October. I live where ever life wants me. I like to run. I like to travel. I am female. I have 2 birds, lovebird and cockatiel. I am very laid back, and like getting to know people!


  • Reanna Reanna (2 years ago)

    Hey, come back!! I miss you and also want to hear all about your AF adventures.

  • Reanna Reanna (5 years ago)

    YA!! I got AG/Adjutant General, which was my first pick!!! It's funny that you asked, I actually just found out two days ago!

  • Reanna Reanna (5 years ago)

    I just got assessed active duty when I commission! :D Now just waiting to hear back about what branch I'll be.

  • Melite Melite (5 years ago)

    this is the first I have been relatively serious on since Ernya - though my life is much more busy now :(

  • Melite Melite (5 years ago)

    I'm glad you are that's awesome!!

  • techniicolor techniicolor (5 years ago)

    That's awesome! I thought I was done with avi sites back in 2010-2013 ish, but ended up coming back, and now I run one @___@.Weird how things happen.


Running, Birds, Traveling, Food, Cooking, Puzzles


Dirtiness, Downers, Feeling Rushed


Puzzles, Trying new things