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24 y/o black woman from the midwest in USA. I like writing, reading, eating, sleeping, and petting cute animals. I also like arguing with people about human rights~


  • Scribartz Scribartz (2 months ago)

    LOL! Fair! I met a few in the kansas areawho were on things like gaia but... in missouri, most folks would rather ride on a tractor. xD

  • Scribartz Scribartz (2 months ago)

    XD I am doing good! And you? Also I live in canada but was born and raised in MO

  • Laufeia Laufeia (3 months ago)

    I see ww both went for the same color scheme.

  • Laufeia Laufeia (3 months ago)

    My phone was being weird so disregard the trade I just sent xD

  • Peachy Peachy (3 months ago)

    Your Avi is beautiful!!

  • Kira Kira (4 months ago)

    This avi is a mastahpiece 10/10


kdramas, Erika Alexander/Maxine Shaw on Living Single, shipping


people who use "black on black crime" at any point in disussion


writing fiction and poetry


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