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Deaa She/Her

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25 y/o black woman from the midwest in USA.
obsessed with limb mods and thick lips on my avis.
I like writing, reading, eating, sleeping, and petting cute animals.


  • creativitea creativitea (1 month ago)

    Didn’t manage to respond to the comment in the thread, but I’m so happy you liked the art :D

  • creativitea creativitea (2 months ago)

    it's one of those dramas i never get tired of rewatching, honestly! do you have any of those? oh, and secret garden is about the main leads body's swapping when it rains

  • creativitea creativitea (2 months ago)

    They’re both amazing so I totally get that! Lately I have mostly been rewatching old favourites like coffee prince and secret garden just because I feel so out of the loop with newer dramas.

  • creativitea creativitea (2 months ago)

    Aww thanks!! I don’t understand how coding works so I figured I would do it that way, hahah. Yeah, that is exactly it! Any favourite ones?

  • creativitea creativitea (2 months ago)

    haha yeah they mean for him to be "the nice guy" but... he's not very nice!!
    I noticed you like kdramas? me too! (though it's been a while since i watched one)

  • creativitea creativitea (2 months ago)

    hi!! just wanted to say your avatar looks amazing!


clubbing until late night hours, kdramas, Erika Alexander/Maxine Shaw on Living Single, shipping my ships


squash, peas, zucchini, people who use "black on black crime" as an argument for anything


writing fiction and poetry