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Count Trashula He/Him

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Life bites and so do I.


  • Ruby Ruby (4 weeks ago)

    Make up items are such a must for me haha i dont like naked eyes xD

  • Ruby Ruby (4 weeks ago)

    Thanks! We need an eyeshadow common lol

  • Ruby Ruby (4 weeks ago)

    Mind if i ask what item you’re using to get the eyeshadow effect?

  • Ruby Ruby (1 month ago)

    Your avatar is great haha

  • inatlaka inatlaka (2 months ago)

    in love with the avi and name

  • McMoney McMoney (2 months ago)

    Fantastic avi and username, man


Pumpkin pie, scary movies, and long walks on the beach.


tfw you just trimmed your nails and they kinda scratch on everything cause they're rough and you don't have a nail file


staring at a blank screen for hours