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Posted in Arielle Posted 2 weeks ago

I don't have high expectations for this or any other Disney live-action remake. At best, they're "OK" but bring nothing new to the table and feel completely unnecessary. At worst, they're poorly made and downright insulting to the audience and to the original films/concepts. I really wish they'd just stop, and I know I'm far from being alone on this, but Disney doesn't care because hey, money. But that's just a general complaint about all the remakes.

There's not much to go on besides the teaser trailer, but I can say that it doesn't look very good to me so far. Everything is too dark and dull; it all kind of blends together. Visually, it's lacking the magic and energy we should be able to expect from a Disney film, especially one as bright and colorful as The Little Mermaid.

I don't have much of an opinion one way or the other about the choice of actress, though. I haven't seen her acting before, and all I've seen for this movie is a tiny bit of a song. I didn't care for the added vocal flourish; I've just never really liked that style of singing. But I don't mind her not looking exactly like the cartoon version; I don't think her skin tone or hair texture are of any importance to the character. She is recognizable as Ariel. She looks and sounds the part to me, from what little I've seen so far. Time will tell, but I don't think the choice of Ariel is going to be this movie's biggest problem.

Posted in Question for those with Insomnia/Somniphobia.. Posted 2 weeks ago

I listen to ASMR and play Solitaire to basically bore myself to sleep. Lights out, no music, just some kind of soothing noise and a simple game to get me into a rhythm. Exercise or anything that requires a lot of thought/concentration will always have the opposite effect and keep me awake. I also have a noise machine so I can play some repetitive nature sounds and drown out other noise. Unless it's actually raining, I can't sleep without it.

A big thing I've noticed: there is a difference between "tired" and "sleepy". Just because I'm physically or mentally tired doesn't mean I'm ready or able to sleep! Find what relaxes you enough to make you sleepy, not just what makes you tired.

ETA: I also don't actually try to get into bed until I'm at the point of nodding off at my desk. If I try to force myself to go to sleep before I'm ready, it just makes things worse. Back when I had a nightstand and a light by the bed, I would get into bed and have all other lights off and read until I got sleepy, then turn off the light. That also worked pretty well for me most of the time.

@kiwi: I just checked them all. Looks good now, thanks for looking into it!

The bicycle from Woven Way layers behind/underneath the backgrounds from Chamomile Stroll, Sheepish, and Year of the Goat (though this one is small so it's not as obvious). Would it be possible to move the bicycle further up?

I always drink a little water first, then have my customary cup of coffee. I only skip the coffee if I'm running late or feeling sick.

Posted in Trashy Art Request Posted 2 months ago

@prezial: sweet trade sent!

Posted in Trashy Art Request Posted 2 months ago

oof just realized i messed up the code on the form, fixed it

@YukiThePanda: Sorry for the delay! i haven't been around much lately and didn't realize someone had posted here. If you're still interested, I'd be happy to get some art from you again. Do you have a link to your wishlist?

@prezial: You have some great art! I would love art of either of them. both of them, even, if you felt like it, but i know you have limited slots ;v; Half body sketch style of whoever you choose would be amazing.

Posted in [B] select summer orb items [S] lots Posted 2 months ago

@wrik: Would you be interested in trading Moooo for Forest Sapling?

Posted in Its coming Posted 2 months ago

this time of year always gives me anxiety bc i want everything but have no money

Posted in The Trash Heap [S] CIs+RIGs+more Posted 2 months ago

@Aisukohi: sounds good to me!

Posted in The Trash Heap [S] CIs+RIGs+more Posted 2 months ago

@Bonnie: Yeah, I'll send them over!

Posted in The Trash Heap [S] CIs+RIGs+more Posted 2 months ago

@Qiqi Agatha: got it, thanks!

Posted in Tell me, how have you been? Posted 2 months ago

@Totalanimefan: Yeah, physically I'm doing better. Not perfect, but my medicine is starting to do its thing and I'm having fewer issues now. Just have to tackle all the stuff that's piled up on me in the meantime. Gonna need to go back to work soon and I'm dreading it.

Posted in Summer '22 Orbs - What did you get? Posted 2 months ago

The only things I'm missing are Unique Towel, Unique Cuddles the Killer Whale, Life Bites, and Lovely Lop. I could live without the Unique ones, but I gotta get my hands on the other two for sure.