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Kozi Fluffywuff

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°˖✧ 月は私の中に閉じ込められています。 。 。 ✧˖°


Magical Boi
Blackout Survivor
Pixel Artist
Cat Lover
Blanket Burrito Enthusiast
Dollar Store Vampire
Certified Hazer Cultist
Fairy Prince
The Fluffiest of Wuffs


Name: Közi (Yue)
Age: Cosmic
Gender: N/A (he/him)


I am Kozi/Közi on most avatar sites.
I pixelled for many other sites as the artist Yue.
Enjoy a snuggly, comfy spot at at my hangout! Közi’s Coffee Cloud & Café


Thank you, Q t e a p o n <333

Thank you, Wildfire! <333

Thank you, GuttedBunny! <333

Thank you, kiwi!! <333

Thank you, Faewild!! <333

Thank you, kiwi!! <333


  • Ark Ark (9 months ago)

    Your avatar is so cuuuuute ;A; <3

  • Whim Whim (9 months ago)

    Oml, your avi is too cute~☆

  • Count Trashula Count Trashula (10 months ago)

    why ty UwU

  • Totalanimefan Totalanimefan (3 years ago)

    I think we are about to become best friends in Pokémon GO and I want to time it so we can use a lucky egg!

  • Mokona Mokona (3 years ago)

    Your avi is ADORABLE

  • Wildfire Wildfire (3 years ago)

    Glad you're still alive - hope you're doing better than "barely alive" though! Good to hear from you! <3


Pastel colors, rainbows, ice cream, cute things, lolita fashion, tea, coffee, Cardcaptor Sakura, sparkles, moons, and MAGICAL THINGS


Cleaning, housework, driving, alcohol, drugs, mean people, homophobes, and narrow-minded people.


Pixel art, photomanipulation, fashion, sewing, jewelry making, photography, avatar sites