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Frossy Lil\' Birb

Frossy's Avatar


Oh hi! I''m just a silly vet student that likes avatar websites and pixels things sometimes! :P


  • KDA Drew KDA Drew (3 weeks ago)

    Ok added!

  • KDA Drew KDA Drew (3 weeks ago)

    anyways, what is your discord handle? I have it but I generally have my notifs off due to a group I follow. They have like 12 pages that constantly spam chat with questions, ect. 😂

  • KDA Drew KDA Drew (3 weeks ago)

    Wait, I thought you were the admin of the site 😂
    That’s why I asked if you were hiring looool. *face palms* I’m assuming you are an artist on here however with offering support!

  • KDA Drew KDA Drew (3 weeks ago)

    Ahh same. I generally do just pixel art haha. In fact, while at work, I do a lot of pixel art in between calls (I’m in customer service so not a lot of calls some hours/days). I use Microsoft pa

  • KDA Drew KDA Drew (3 weeks ago)

    Do you know of any good resources/tutorials that present lessons over colors, atmosphere & dimension, and rendering? :3

  • KDA Drew KDA Drew (3 weeks ago)

    Thank you! I think I’ve worked it all out this far! SAI has really helped make it simple. Plus the process of making items may help me better my art all around. (:


Birbs, Poop, Cats


You....jk be my friend


I doodle things sometimes.