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  • Micki Chiba Micki Chiba (1 month ago)

    Just fine.

  • Kairie Kairie (3 months ago)

    +I am working like 50 hours this week so no time to do anything other than eat/sleep/work so not a lot I can do this week anyways. ID SORRY IN ADVANCE. orzz

  • Kairie Kairie (3 months ago)

    AHHH Sorry I am probably going to afk for the week because I caved and bought a switch so I'm stuck in ac hell.

  • Kairie Kairie (3 months ago)

    Got my reply out finally!
    Sorry work+mental health has my replies being slower. ID sorry if this continues for a bit, I think it's a mix of quarantine/work getting to me.

  • Kairie Kairie (3 months ago)

    I'm finishing up my reply now, sorry for the delay. u Au My mental space hasn't been in a great place lately. ID

  • Kairie Kairie (3 months ago)

    Tbh not great. ID Just trying to get through the day. What about you? c: