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Jolly she/her

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Thank you so much, everyone.


Art by Kiwi

Art by ChorusFruit on

Art by Kuroha_Letty on


  • Ruby Ruby (3 months ago)

    I added that recolor just for you so it would match xD

  • Ruby Ruby (3 months ago)

    Nice avi, glad you were able to get the hair~

  • Ruby Ruby (10 months ago)

    hey sorry haven't been able to get to your art yet but I will soon~

  • Ruby Ruby (11 months ago)

    Happy for you! \o/ I’ve been alright :) same old same old xD what state did you move to?

  • Ruby Ruby (11 months ago)

    Hey! I just saw your life update thread (sorry it took me so long @.@) but congrats on your move!

  • Totalanimefan Totalanimefan (2 years ago)

    <33 Merry Christmas