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Synthetic Nature

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Hello there!
My name is Synth/Dee!

I like drinking coffee, taking naps with my cats
and listening to smooth jazz on rainy nights.


22nd October 1997


I don't think I've ever checked.

Art Student

~ Art ~ Music ~ Photography ~ Cosplay ~ Literature ~
~ Philosophy ~ Psychology ~ Animals ~ Nature ~

~ Loud Noises ~ Bright Lights ~
~ Eye-Related Gore ~ Stage Fright ~ Bad Vibes ~

A bit loopy and sleep-deprived, but I'm still always tired.
I can be very introverted and quiet until people get to know me.
Unfortunately I have very bad mental and physical health,
but I will always try my best to stay positive about life.

I can cook instant minute noodles in less than a minute!

I'm more active on my GaiaOnline profile!
DeviantArt | Picarto | Toyhouse | Quest

(Ping me for the artists and I'll put you in contact!)


  • koneko koneko (8 months ago)

    *sprinkles hanfuls of fake snow on your profile and runs off*

  • mizuie mizuie (11 months ago)

    Hello there, I just wanna say that I really like your avatar design, really rad!!

  • Onyx Popcorn Onyx Popcorn (1 year ago)

    Thanks! I intend to keep going on her. Dunno if she'll ever get published, but she makes me happy. :3

  • LupaPrinceRomulus LupaPrinceRomulus (1 year ago)

    The good news is that I got an item now, we ready to talk?

  • Onyx Popcorn Onyx Popcorn (1 year ago)

    >.> I don't have a thing up for her anywhere yet. I don't even know what her story will be, just some backstory. Might put her backstory on FictionPress or Wattpad though. Let ya know if I do!

  • Onyx Popcorn Onyx Popcorn (1 year ago)

    Posting this here to not derail the thread: Aww, thanks! I like that >w< She's a character I've been working on. Not a magical girl, but now I have an AU!


I like drinking coffee, taking naps with my cats and listening to smooth jazz on rainy nights.


I dislike loud noises, bright lights, eye-related gore, stage fright and bad vibes.


I enjoy art, music, photography, cosplay, literature, philosophy and psychology.