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I'm an East Coast nerd who spends way too much time playing pokemon and refuses the notion that age means you have to stop liking things. I read a lot, listen of audiobooks a lot, and write quite a bit. Most of my free time goes to PC Overwatch (find me at Slytherclaw#1969 if you want, just be warned that I'm garrrrbage), running pokemon tabletops, and writing for Voltra. I'm happy to answer questions!


  • Mica Mica (6 years ago)

    Psssstt, your order is dooone! ;D

  • ghost ghost (6 years ago)

    hey I know pings are busted so letting you know I finished your art and its up in my thread

  • Panda Panda (6 years ago)

    Yes, my poses are very visible ;p

  • Panda Panda (6 years ago)

    Just that thread

  • Panda Panda (6 years ago)

    My post keep disappearing in the whoa thread

  • AelloTyphoeus AelloTyphoeus (6 years ago)

    I'm in love with your avie right now!!! It's so wonderful!


Excessive numbers of fandoms, reading, writing, sleeping zzzz


Unnecessary abuse, condescension, and people who argue in bad faith.


I write, run tabletops (PTU), or play overwatch.