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Posted in Lying about your age Posted 5 years ago
Eh? I mean, 22 is still an adult and people at that age are appropriate for adult content, so that's a bizarre age to pick if she had nefarious purposes. Like... A 22 year old doing anything with a 17 year old isn't any better than a 29 year old, why even.
Posted in What's your opinion on "cringe culture"? Posted 5 years ago
It's shit, and people who promote it are also shit, especially the people who run blogs and other forums specifically for the sake of making fun of other people for enjoying themselves.

Do what makes you happy. If you aren't hurting someone else, and you're enjoying yourself, that's what matters. Listen to bad music, read books that aren't written for your age group, go places that might be childish, write bad FanFiction, draw your self insert smooching legolas or loki or whoever makes you happy.

Don't tear other people down for enjoying things you don't, it just makes you a selfish asshole.

Like, man, I spent so many years feeling shamed for reading about characters other people called Mary sues, avoiding music and shows and books I really enjoyed because other people told me I shouldn't, and, man, life got so much better when I started just letting myself enjoy things.
Posted in Ink'ed an Art shop--Full slots Posted 5 years ago
I'm excited, haha
Posted in Cancelled Posted 5 years ago
I am very dumb and I think I'm not reading the first page right. Can I clarify what the auction is for specifically? Your samples are a couple, a waist/knee, and a full body, so I just want to make sure.

I'll throw a bid, though, your art is super cute!
6kv is 6000 volts, right?
I can bid 7000.
Posted in Ink'ed an Art shop--Full slots Posted 5 years ago
Sure thing. I think that trade should have gone through, or I'll fix it when I'm not on mobile if it didn't. Took a guess at values, admittedly, but I think that's comparable to the volt offer based on my very limited understanding of the economy that's almost exclusively from seeing other people's offers lmao
Posted in Ink'ed an Art shop--Full slots Posted 5 years ago
Oh, hey, I do think I have the reaper stuff--that was Def an event I was active for, haha. I'll throw the Halloween set and some ohms in a trade then to give you a good spread of stuff x3
Posted in Ink'ed an Art shop--Full slots Posted 5 years ago
Heya! I'm super interested if you'd be willing to touch Luna or Vahn from my signature. I could match the 30k volt offer, or switch it up if you'd rather items or ohms.
Posted in Twigg's Art Freebies // Art Shop! Posted 5 years ago
Hey there!
Your art is amazing!
I'm not sure if there are spots left, but if there are, would you consider Luna or Vahn? They're signature linked at the moment because mobile is suffering.

Gosh, pay what you want always messes me up because I have no pricing concept. I could throw you uh... A static shock, an Alice set, sweet cakes, Sept or October crates unopened, that one keyblade item, uhhh... I have the vanora and Vyc dolls, the block party and Halloween sets..

Honestly does any of that sound good? I don't really use any of it so I'm pretty fine just throwing whatever interests you. Or I could just offer ohms and volts?

Cjhdbfpricing is suffering.
Posted in closed. pls lock c: Posted 5 years ago
Ahhh, she's so cute!
Are you okay with what's in the trade now or should I switch it up? I can add more if you're not interested in the items, I kinda winged it.
Posted in lock please Posted 5 years ago
Awww, she's so cute???
You got her eyes right, haha, the pupil works fine.
Don't worry too much about the braids if they're too complicated, her hair style changes daily in the game she's actually run in, so really anything works, haha.
Posted in Buying items with art. Posted 5 years ago
Oh my god I'm going to cry
That's so good? And so fast??? and??
So good god bless
Accepting trade and also this sparkly thing because everyone should have sparkles owo
Posted in Buying items with art. Posted 5 years ago
Sure thing!
Posted in Buying items with art. Posted 5 years ago
Haha, sounds good, no rush. I'll keep an eye out.

I mean, uh.
Posted in Buying items with art. Posted 5 years ago
I'm always on the hunt for Luna or Vahn art, if you're interested in any of the older items I have and are willing to touch either or them, haha.

I can offer the spruce and/or any of the items from before the blackout (angel/demon, alpha items, frog/bee/sweet cakes, spruce/investigator/Alice, crates that haven't been opened yet, etc).