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Emmett Khan BetaTester

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The Runescape Documentary


I'm a mechanical engineering college student.

Hobbies: Collecting and playing with Legos, playing games, watching movies, listening to music, reading books and tinkering with engineering projects.

I like:
RPGs and MMOs and MMORPGs.
The colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.
All music except metal music
All animals except snails

I dislike:
Heavy metal, death metal, thrash metal and all kinds of metal music
Soft drinks and other drinks that has too much sugar in it
Snails. They leave a trail of slime wherever they go. Yucks!

Emmett is my name and Khan is just a title but it sounds cooler than King or Czar/Tzar.

My DeviantArt Gallery:

Avatar art of me as Captain Jean-Luc Picard, drawn by Tuijp:

My Avatar, (Emmett Khan, Master of the Golden Keyblade), drawn by Mica


  • Kale Kale (6 years ago)

    But snails have those cutie little eye stalks and shiny shells???????????????

  • Ladydiana Ladydiana (6 years ago)

    I live here in Missouri.

  • Ladydiana Ladydiana (6 years ago)

    I seen your Deviant Art page.

  • Ladydiana Ladydiana (6 years ago)

    your from Sweden

  • Nalightful Nalightful (6 years ago)

    Saw you were Picard. Clever with our limited item choices currently!

  • Vichard Vichard (6 years ago)

    I thought so! Awesome