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  • eyry eyry (4 days ago)

    haha same! hair color twins xD

  • djinn djinn (4 days ago)

    My pink and blue pigtails? They're from the shop!

  • eyry eyry (4 days ago)

    ah thank you! I do love my blue

  • Flytrap Flytrap (4 weeks ago)

    E P I C.
    Here have a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020 hug from me seuhkdkfhislfjdals :DDDD

  • Flytrap Flytrap (2 months ago)

    awwwww ;w; I'll give you a great big teletubbie hug, lmao. BIG HUUUG

  • Valefor Valefor (2 months ago)

    SAAAAME! I find it hard to concentrate when whatever I'm working on is super super tedious. xD