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@dragoness129: Thank you Dragonness! > w <
Posted in The Naked Hangout - [Happy Holidays!] Posted 2 years ago
@Geist: Comes back in and creeps behind you. How are you doing?
How is everything going with you?
Posted in honeyglazed ★ Posted 2 years ago
@Purpsy: I do know it ; Dappervolk but i have not been on it after they opened again...
Slowly getting back into things
Posted in The Naked Hangout - [Happy Holidays!] Posted 2 years ago
Live thread!
Posted in honeyglazed ★ Posted 2 years ago
Do you have trouble with logging in Dappervolk? I can’t get the site to load at all!

How is everyone?
Posted in Collab Bribe Shop [0/1 open] - Join Ping List Posted 2 years ago
@Vlad: I feel like I know you from other sites o v o
I will try the resetting the avatar because I got the same bug when I clicked one item it only showed one selection and couldn’t do multiple.

Thank you for the new layout and it makes it easier to find things cx
Afternoon! How is everyone here?
Posted in Lina’s Quest Posted 3 years ago
@Lina: Good good to be getting over a cold! Having a cold is never fun and always tiring!
I am good as well and trying to write a fanfic and get back into drawing things! >\\<
I’ve been in a no drawing funk for almost two months now 909”
@Kozi: Howdy Howdy Kozi!! You're up early or late!!
I am in Central time around Chicago. So It is just 4am right now for me......EEP!! Time flies super fast!!

It does!!
I love it and it is the closest to my favorite blue as well!! I am actually wearing my favorite color palette of all time!! > w <

I need to post more so I can get more Cotton Candy, Bubblegum, and some of the purples and lighter pinks so I can mix and match them up! >D
@Anarchist Beauty: Gasp!! Shush yo text! -It will be a scandal!-

Hugs!! Thank you for saying so > w< I'm trying to rock the colors for Valentine's Day but I am not sure I have enough pink.....or purple?
Everyone here in this thread has lovely avis!! I am still trying to work on mine >//<;;
Posted in New Posted 3 years ago
Welcome to votras! Please enjoy your stay and this site is much better than gaia indeed!! < 333