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Posted in Get this thread to 1 million pages Posted 1 month ago


Its probably because its a really small chance and you got really lucky

Posted in [SURVEY] - Merch? Posted 2 months ago

Here’s what I think...
- Are you interested in Merch at all? Why or why not?
- What type of Merch would you like to see? Why?
I know this isnt a popular one but fridge magnets, Stickers and keychains
- What would be your favorite type of Merch to see/purchase? Least favorite? Please explain why if you can!
Keychains or something that you could hang on your phone or bag would probably be my favorite. Shirts would be the least since I am very particular about quality and fit.
- What do you think of Voltra selling Merch?
Interesting idea!

Posted in Let's Ruin Vibrance Day (Roll For Free Art) Posted 3 months ago

Giving this a shot

Posted in I am alone now. Posted 3 months ago

@Jolly: What was your dream? Maybe focusing on it will make you feel better?

Posted in I made a thing Posted 4 months ago

@Jolly: I love it!! 10/10

@blinkini: damn! thank you, you are too kind!

@Panda: wtb 1x cutie tails and 1x year of the snake please for 5.5k volts :)

@blinkini: I would like 1 year of the monkey please for 3k :)

Posted in PILLOWFORT | Invite Share Thread Posted 6 months ago

I am Saeyra on there as well but not sure if I will remember to post content.

Free Invite Links!

Posted in .:Tsun’s Shop:. Posted 6 months ago

@Tsundererra: I would like 1 witch hat, 1 oversized mug, 2 Pisces, 2 Taurus, 1 gemini and 1 Leo please for 5k volts?

Posted in PWYW ★ Tarot Readings ★ Closed for now Posted 6 months ago

@Lufi: Yeah since yesterday I have been taking a look on Ebay for a deck and I found one I really liked but I am waiting for the coronavirus to pass before ordering something from china.

Posted in This Guy: My Ex is Draining Posted 6 months ago

@Another Movie Addict: Like with all breakups a clean cut is painful but most effective. And yes you are right, you have a history and you can't just stop loving someone entirely, especially when you have gotten to know them so intimately. Even if it is not romantic anymore the caring still remains. Its similar to how people cannot just stop loving their parents or siblings even if they are complete assholes 90% of the time. That's why even though the "staying friends" option is nice in theory, in reality it is almost never healthy for either party.

I know how tough it is. I have had to cut off people like that too. Nothing we can say will make it easier and that really sucks. I have held a friend crying in my arms when she had to do this and I couldn't help her besides confirming to her that she is doing the right thing and that it will be okay in the end.

Posted in This Guy: My Ex is Draining Posted 6 months ago

@Another Movie Addict: I understand exactly how you feel. From what you wrote you know the solutions to your problems. Courage is what you need and luckily they sell those in bottles kidding! I wish you luck with following through with your plans. Guys play the suicide card alot, I have heard that ultimatum/story more times than I can count from a great many girls and some guys too. He could be for real but he shouldn't be using that to emotionally blackmail you because that is just wrong. You won't be the reason he kills himself, it will be his fault for actually doing it and not getting professional help. Most of the time it is just an empty threat and they are too cowardly to go through with it.