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Posted in Is it appropriate? Posted 1 month ago

Scenario 1: Hilarious situation to me, why would gamers pray for someone else's kid they barely know? I don't see the logic in it. Either way, its fairly harmless and MIL meant well. I'd forgive and forget.

Scenerio 2: I'd push to have both our weddings together on the same day, 2 brides, 2 grooms. Its unconventional I know but I'd still get my dream wedding, my family would be there and my sister, if she wants the emergency wedding that bad she should make a compromise too. I think it would end up a very fun event for everyone involved as long as she doesn't try to change anything else we planned.

Scenario 3: Yeah thats plain wrong and you definitely should abort and divorce. Relationships are built around trust. If you don't have that you don't have a marriage.

Posted in Emotional exhaustion is hitting hard... Posted 2 months ago

@Scribartz: Its part of growing up that you learn you only have so much cares to give. You gotta look out for yourself too and your health. I used to be like you too, taking the world on your shoulders. But the great news is, you don't have to. Learn to say no and tell people you are too busy when they ask you for things.
I hope you have some antihistamine tablets, they will help both the allergies and the insomnia I think. I get really sleepy when I take them.

Another thing I like to do is keeping a todo list so I don't have to think about all the things I need to do and stress about. Just write it out and forget. And when you need to remember you just read your list.

Hope this advice helps.

Posted in One-word story chain! Posted 2 months ago

In the distance, there walked a giant cat dragon. This creature was alarmingly sexy. I blushed when it came to my party. My pet Cthulhu went crazy from jealousy because it was

Posted in well ok then. Posted 2 months ago

@nyreen: You'll be fine. You might start off thinking they are perfect but after awhile you will find they are just as human as you and they can and will mess up too.

Posted in Prank alignments Posted 2 months ago

I believe you are right in your assessment of the prank. How I look at it is Neutrals do whats best for them whether its good for other people or not doesn't matter. Good people always strive for the betterment of others and evil strives for the destruction of others. Chaotic and Lawful are the means by which their goals are accomplished. Chaos is pretty much anything goes and Lawful will follow a plan and structure.

During my playtime I have found I dislike this system for making decisions. For example a lawful good may choose to execute a murderer if that was the law of the land but if the murderer in question was a kid then he might not be so quick to make the same decision. Some players make it a point to stick to their alignment and execute the kid anyway but I like playing with the fact that you do get to make the choice and it doesn't always have to be according to your alignment. It feels more realistic when a character doubts him/herself and maybe changes along the way based on the experiences they've had. Maybe a chaotic might learn from their lawful party members that structure is sometimes useful to further their goals. Maybe the lawful party member will learn from the chaotic one how to be more flexible. It's a good point of reference but I don't feel like it should be set in stone.

PS: Some DMs do reward you extra exp for sticking to your character beliefs and goals.

Posted in How do you guys de-stress? Posted 2 months ago

It depends, some people listen to heavy metal to relax, some people listen to Enya. But yeah I second the music thing, helps me relax and focus at the same time.
Maybe cut down on coffee if you drink it. Games that occupy the mind helps distract me from things I cannot change, not MOBAs or FPS, more like games that require strategy and actual planning with very little left to chance. Hanging out with good friends and people also helps.

@ghost: thank you so much! goodnight!

@ghost: I WANT A BUDDY...
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Posted in Pizza, Pizza Posted 2 months ago

..what in heaven's name..

Posted in [B] Rigs [S] RIGs Posted 2 months ago

@dragoness129: May I buy it for 1750 ohms?

Posted in Quest for ORB Items Posted 2 months ago

@Panda: I can give you one high tide and one unique braids for 6k volts

Posted in Artblock Battleground Posted 2 months ago

turns out this is really hard to do.

Posted in (S) some old items - (B) Sticky Fingers Posted 2 months ago

@Kiri: May I buy your elemental backpack for 2k volts?

Posted in Done! Thanks<3 Posted 2 months ago

@Amber Lynne: I can sell you the Ice Queen for 4k

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