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@vengeance: may I buy unique honey hair and baroque skirt for 4k volts?

Posted in Hi hi! Posted 2 months ago

@Princess Creep: Welcome to Voltra! Your avatar looks adorable! Hope you like it here. If you have any questions everyone is super helpful so ask away!

@Tsundererra: No worries The only other thing I can trade for atm is art if you want that. If not I've got time to wait

@Tsundererra: 8k volts for capricorn?

Posted in Art Contest Opinion question! Posted 2 months ago

@Amber Lynne: Oh I didn't mean chance to win the grand prize but chance to win something

Posted in Staff Updates Posted 2 months ago

@Q t e a p o n: @Lilypoo: Congratulations guys! You have always been there for us as leaders and totally deserve this! I'm not sure if we say how much we appreciate you guys on a daily basis but you are so essential to our work, we would be lost without you!

Posted in Art Contest Opinion question! Posted 2 months ago

@Amber Lynne: One more suggestion, art being as subjective as it is you could maybe do a few hidden categories like "best colors", "best lineart", "best technical anatomy", "most dramatic pose", "cutest style" etc. Since most artists just specialize in one or a few of these things, more people will get the chance to win.

Posted in Art Contest Opinion question! Posted 2 months ago

@Amber Lynne: I think a better idea to get more people to join is not just one really big prize but each entrant could receive like 3k or something so it is worth their time even if they don't win. They will still get something for their time and trouble. Just a suggestion. I don't mind if that cuts into the 1st prize either, even 50k volts would be insane for someone who doesn't post much like me.

Posted in Temporary Closed Posted 2 months ago

@Raxton: How much for saggitarius?

Posted in Hobo's Dump Box of Art Posted 2 months ago

@Hobovampire: I love your dragon prince fanarts!! They made me smile, not to mention the artistic execution is really great!

Posted in YO Posted 2 months ago

@Jolly: That present looks amazing! I am sure they will love it! I would

Posted in Talk To Transformer (lets play with it) Posted 2 months ago

Haha this is so fun! This is what I got

Saeyra loves to fall asleep to her books and snoring," said one, much to the relief of her friends and the noisily little green beast she had left. "She will do anything to put those cute little stories to bed," the other thought.

Posted in Threads of the Trade [S] Crates and other things Posted 2 months ago

@Wildfire: yeppers! :)

Posted in Mousy's Market[B]Capricorn (Updated12/5) Posted 2 months ago

@Mousy: can I buy astrologer for 13k?