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Posted in How Many Are Online? Posted 1 week ago
Posted in Post your Rants Posted 1 week ago
I still don't understand WHY but my job is just pushing m nerves.
I have 5 years experience as a manager at various places, I come with letters of recommendations, I'm one of the more reliable people, I am a beacon of knowledge to anyone who needs help, I'm cross trained nearly everywhere, already have my serv-safe......why did they choose a teenager who has 0 experience, is bad at communicating, doesn't do her job, argues with her staff, literally tells them to shut up in front of customers, is overall a bad example, and the days she's not a manager she doesn't understand when I say "she needs to set an example" when she's doing something very immature only to be met with "well I'm not the manager today so it doesn't count" LIKES YES IT DOES.

Many back of house employees have complained about her immature ass. When they found out I was passed over, they were so bitter. She even said she wants to quit but the GM wont let her. Like...nothing is stopping you. She was way under qualified for the job and CLEARLY she doesn't want it anymore,

What sucks the most is that they started my training but then dropped me for her. I hate that. Don't start me on something to not finish it. I even offered "I don't expect a promotion but can I at least finish the training to have it on my resume?" only to be met with vague answers. It blows. It's why I switched to BOH because she isn't in control there. I have a year left until I move to another city so I hope to stick with the company and HOPEFULLY finish the training so if I transfer, I can transfer as a manager. But who knows. They at least gave me a raise. :/
Posted in falling in love with anime characters Posted 1 week ago
Vegeta is my all time favorite character
But I will 100% offer myself to have Muzan's babies from Demon Slayer. I absolutely LOVE that man.
I also just love villains in general.
Dabi, Perfect Cell, Lucio (arcana), Tsukishima Kei, Lyon (FE)...more I'm sure...
Posted in WebComics! Posted 1 week ago
One of my favorites actually just completed back in October.
but it's hella nsfw and GAAAY. But it's such a wonderful story and I love seeing the artist develop her style. She has others I read currently like The Hunt. Also gaaay.
Then there's Spurs and Stripes. Also gaaay

I just really love my yaoi lmao.
Posted in What youtubers do you watch? Posted 1 week ago
I subscribe to a lot of music channels lol.

But I love watching The Try Guys. Like a LOT.
I also like watching Binging with Babbish.
Posted in How Many Are Online? Posted 1 week ago
Posted in Count backwards from 1 million Posted 1 week ago
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Posted in Count to 1 million Posted 1 week ago
Posted in What are you listening to? Posted 1 week ago
Still Doll - Kanon Wakashima
Posted in So me is on this discord server Posted 1 week ago
Man that's shitty. :c This is why I tend to stay away from discord servers. The ones I am on I tend to just lurk.
If someone skipped over my song after inviting me, I'd leave. It would make me feel unwanted but also that my music tastes sucked.
Posted in 1 Year!!! Posted 1 week ago
Congrats on the one year! I hope to be active during my one year lol.
This site is def a nice place to be so I'm glad to be here and getting to talk to the amazing users. I cant wait for the next event.
Posted in Hey! Posted 1 week ago
Hey hey! Welcome to the site. I hope you enjoy it here!
I have a hang out thread if you're looking for a place to chat. c:
Posted in How Many Are Online? Posted 1 week ago
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