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I am one of those people that want to see the end of Black Friday (mainly due in part that most of the sales are shams). I've worked retail far too long that it's made me bitter to this weekend lol. Labor day has been proven to have better sales imo but depends on what you're looking for.
I only shop for groceries if I need. I don't shop anywhere else or online. And half the time it's because I don't even have money to splurge lol.
Posted in into the night | a hang Posted 6 days ago
It's called Nikita: The Red General. It's a tie in to my (slow moving) webcomic because drawing the entire universe was too daunting. So some side stories got their own thing.
And not a tour really, just going to conventions to sell to some WEEBS.
Posted in Mad Tea Party: Hangout and Raffle Posted 2 weeks ago
@xvz: It was an essay on my career choice I wanted to pursue with my degree.
Posted in Mad Tea Party: Hangout and Raffle Posted 2 weeks ago
Haha you're fine, I'm not on this site all the time, I check back about once or twice currently. I'm doing fine! Enjoying the event, working on homework, etc. Normal introvert things.
Posted in Mad Tea Party: Hangout and Raffle Posted 2 weeks ago
@Totalanimefan: How've you been?
Posted in How much event currency do you have? Posted 2 weeks ago
Posted in Mad Tea Party: Hangout and Raffle Posted 3 weeks ago
Posted in Doll Collectors Unite!! Posted 3 weeks ago
No body knows what happened to DoD. They were one of the best companies next to Soom! It was devastating.
Posted in Mirrored Expression: Art Contest Posted 3 weeks ago
I got my submission right here!
Posted in into the night | a hang Posted 3 weeks ago
@Deaa: I don't read as much as I used to. I find more joy in thinking up my own stories (but never writing them lol).

I have my 2nd novella in the works. They're fun to write because I don't have to make such long stories.
I got them printed to sell when the world stopped ending but womp. All my 2021 shows cancelled.
Posted in Chapter Eight: The White King Posted 3 weeks ago
Please tell me I wasn't the only one trying to submit everything in reversed letters the first time lmao
Posted in Chapter Seven: The Unicorn Posted 3 weeks ago
It took me two tries. I found that throwing rocks and healing/home sicking works the best.
Posted in Doll Collectors Unite!! Posted 3 weeks ago
@GoblinsAndTea: Tbh 5sd is a good company to get yourself started in the hobby without worrying about high price tags. Tumnus new was $250 and he's an SD. My Ender was $1K because it was the full set and he appreciated due to it being a limited doll. My hurt.
I want to reshell Tumnus into something from Crobidoll or Angel Studio. I have to poke around again. Or I may do a hybrid. I really wanted the Tender Too twins from Dream of Doll and was so close to buying it but then the company vanished. I was so heartbroken. T_T
Posted in Discovering Voltra Posted 3 weeks ago
I heard about this site from my long time fav community on Menewsha. That site has long since been abandoned by the founder that it's just going to sit and rot until the domain expires in a few years. It's unfortunate, I really loved that community.
I am also on Gaia, been there since 06 and I will be there when the ship finally sinks. I met some wonderful people there and I like the art shops the most so I just stick around.
I really like Voltra's community a lot, it's so friendly and I enjoy seeing the events (this current event has been one of my favorite events on a forum site since Gaia's water balloon fight, I'm SO impressed).
I'm also on Dappervolk, I just joined actually and I'm digging the story of it. But I see that more as a game rather than a forum like this. The art is so so so so pretty tho like...mmm goals.

Hopefully you enjoy it here! The mods seem really in tune with the members and I love how they collaborate with us on items. It's really nice. I hope to be here for awhile c:
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