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♦ Joey | 21 | Taurus | Belgium ♦
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Hello this is your local Goblin. I collect BJD's, draw, and do all kind of creative stuffs. My goal is to become a tattoo artist one day.
Dont mind me changing my avatar every 5 seconds lol.

Feel free to message and send me a friend request!

I also play Dappervolk and Recolor.Me with the same name!

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  • Ark Ark (7 days ago)

    Your avatar looks so cool!! ^^

  • WaxRaven WaxRaven (1 week ago)

    Thank you! I like yours from earlier and now!

  • Aisukohi Aisukohi (3 weeks ago)

    You're welcome, and thank you too! Also I love Howl's Moving Castle lol.

  • Aisukohi Aisukohi (3 weeks ago)

    Your avi is super cute lol.

  • milkshake milkshake (1 month ago)


  • Ruby Ruby (3 months ago)

    Yet again, great avi xD


Howls moving castle, Atla, DND, sleeping, doing dumb shit


Crooked septum, Spiders, bugs and oranges


BJD's, Drawing, Worldbuilding, character creation, crafting ect