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Posted in Come hang out with Rena! Posted 2 weeks ago
@alorrena: hey there it's been a while .. hope your well ? 😁
Posted in Pet Owner Advice? Posted 2 months ago
I would say get a dog I used to have anxiety and for ages I wouldn't leave the house .. getting my dog helped me go out because I did it for him cus he needed out and needed walks .. if ur having a bad day dogs just know and they will come and cuddle beside you .. once you pet and interact with them you start feeling better .. all pets have ups and downs obviously the taking care of them is hard work sometimes but it's rewarding and all worth it
So good to see velvet and the runway back .. everyones avatars look beautiful ... Goodluck eveyone πŸ’™
Posted in I start my new job tomorrow! Posted 9 months ago
@totalanimefan:good luck in ur new job tomorrow you'll smash it :D
Posted in CHRISTMAS Posted 9 months ago
@totalanimefan: oh yeah I went to my mum's for Christmas dinner and boxing day dinner and on both nights we had some party food
Posted in CHRISTMAS Posted 9 months ago
@totalanimefan: that's the best part the food.. I always look forward to my big Christmas feed xD

@koah:awk thank you so much .. me too I missed playing my games and chatting <3
Sometimes busy is good .. I hope it's a good kind of busy for you :D

@macsen191:I did thank you I love Christmas xD it's always good catching up with family especially the ones we don't see often .. I never make it anymore being a mum is tiring early nights are my favourite πŸ˜‚
Posted in CHRISTMAS Posted 9 months ago
Hello everyone .. I'm back lol been so busy with life now that the child's at nursery and just a busy chaotic life ... Now that everything's slowed down and getting better I'm starting to have some time to myself and chill while playing my games .. Merry Christmas and a happy new year I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and Santa was good to you all πŸŒ²β›„πŸŽπŸ’™
Posted in Menewsha refugee... Posted 1 year ago
@jezriel: hello there I I'm also a menewsha refugee it's where my first avatar started my name is Kushykissez there 😊 .. it's very sad to see it go down hill.. glad you decided to join us :)
Posted in I HAVE A NEW OBSESSION Posted 1 year ago
@alorrena: they really are adorable.. I love all birds .. when I was little my nanny had this bird book that had every bird you could think of in it.. and one in particular used to make us giddy.. we'd laugh and giggle before the page of the bird and then we'd flip the page and there sat a baby bird called a boobie 🀣 this was our weekend routine when I stayed with her ... Loved it 🀣
Posted in Keep me company! Posted 1 year ago
@vozzy:thank you vozzy 😁 I'm definitely excited to see what's being released next .. thank you to you and the staff for working so hard☺️
Posted in Keep me company! Posted 1 year ago
@vozzy:hello there :) your avatar is so adorable reminds me of the lion out of wizard of Oz lol I'm good vozzy ty.. how are you?
@anarchist beauty: beautiful avatar .. love a wee red and black combo
Posted in COME SAY HI AND HANG OUT (I'm lonely lol) Posted 1 year ago
@keeksy: aww I can't wait to see her !
@neon: oh yeah they just carried on like nothing happened .. it's ok snails I will look after your babies XD yeah me too I love animals πŸ’™

@miss sandman: aww thank you 😁
@totalanimefan: yes microscopic 🀣
@anarchist beauty: and very fragile I use a wee spoon to scoop them up because I don't want to accidentally break their shells