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Posted in What a week Posted 1 week ago

Thank you! It feels soooooo good now, finally reached that finish line where I don't have to be insanely busy anymore.
I just got to spend a solid week rolling around my room or my partner's room. Cooked fancy dinners to share with friends.
Its just a big relief!

Hearing that from a couple of people already really hit a soft spot <3 I'm so happy that I could be that for someone.
We really do mean more to people than we'd ever realize.

Thank you <33 I'm so excited that I could fall asleep because the energy is making me tired lmao

Posted in What a week Posted 1 week ago

Yes! I couldn't be happier with myself. <3
Now all I gotta do is get through the state exam so I can work in my field!

Posted in What a week Posted 1 week ago

It's been such a good week you guys ;;
For those who might notice me on pantheon, probably already know the gist. I'm great at blabbing.
But yeah, I finally found myself in a great mental space, I've been so happy and proud of myself these days. I graduated with a 3.91 gpa, which was more or less the gpa I was aiming for to prove something to myself. I won two awards and was recognized for so much. I inspired some other students or made things possible for them, which makes me soso happy.
A couple days later, the person I've been fluttering at lately returned the feelings. We already knew each other decently, but we spent a few days getting to know each other on the more personal level. And I love it, I have never felt so respected and important. <3
Then I also got invited to a cookout with my classmates after we take the big state exam
and invited to a coworker's baby shower
and possibly to go play with my mentor's horses alongside other classmates, so we can learn about them for a later upcoming horse massage class
invitations make me happy af ;c;

Posted in I don't have time for fatigue D< Posted 1 month ago

Oh no, that sounds awful! Mine was pretty painful in my guts and burnt my esophagus pretty badly (acid vomit, I swear), but once I got it out of my system, I just had acid reflux and malnutrition slapping me around for the last like.. 48 hours lmao
Today I'm feeling MUCH better. Still mildly fatigued and unmotivated, but my esophagus feels like it healed and my acid reflux symptoms went away.

I got it worse than my friend did, so at least he didn't get the meanest hotdog of the bunch xD
That or he downplayed it.

Posted in Also positive thoughts Posted 1 month ago

I can't be the only one that gets stupidly excited when another person--anyone--remembers or notices things about me?
Like when I do something mild, like just slightly trim my fringe or change the part in my hair to the other side or something
and one of my coworkers would notice and be like "heyyyyy something changed!"
Any time I get new shoes, new mask, new work shirt or whatever, my coworkers will always have something nice to say. Its so dang nice and I'm just dfkghsdkgfhsjdtg <3 every time
its really warming to feel noticed by the people I care about a lot.

But what about you guys? What has changed or is new that you've gotten or done for yourself?

Posted in I don't have time for fatigue D< Posted 1 month ago

Check if you have one in any spas near you! They're not very uncommon I think :D

Posted in I don't have time for fatigue D< Posted 1 month ago

They are these indoor pools fit for a single person. They make the water dense with salts or something, so you can float without effort.
just kinda meant to relax all your senses and its just you and your thoughts

might not be for everyone, but for someone as busy as I've been, it kinda sounds nice to just pause

Posted in I don't have time for fatigue D< Posted 1 month ago

Yeah that. ooo reminds me, I should go sit in a float tank sometime. i think one got installed in one of the spas here.
They sound amazing

Posted in I don't have time for fatigue D< Posted 1 month ago

There's just something about floating in chill water
Aside from obviously cooling off, it just feels clean and muscles are fully relaxing and just.. ugh I want xd

Posted in I don't have time for fatigue D< Posted 1 month ago

It did SOMETHIN man! I've been so cranky today for no reason lmao

I feel like I just need to sit in a cold ass pool and drink koolaid

Posted in I don't have time for fatigue D< Posted 1 month ago

I also like, cold turkey cut out caffeine so that might be where a lot of this fatigue is from.
I may.. have been relying on an overdose of that lately. Figured my body would heal more efficiently if I took a break tho

Posted in I don't have time for fatigue D< Posted 1 month ago

My job was giving out free hot dogs to the employees on saturday
and y'know... Target cafe's hot dog quality ain't the greatest. I had one once before, last year, and I remember telling myself "never again, that was too awful"

But I was so hungry, I had the shakes, and it was free food so I got one.
It even looked ill, it had red speckles on it and shit. But I ate it anyways. It made me stop shaking and despite it tasting shit like usual, I felt my energy come back for the next few hours at least.
Then surprise, surprise, I got sick several hours later. Every food poisoning symptom lol
I got through the worst of it, like once I got the food out of my system I just had dehydration and acid reflux kicking my butt. My job let me delay my schedule the next day since I still wanted to work (aka get paid, I have hour cuts coming up soon)

But now, today I'm so fatigued, I can hardly climb my stairs D': I already slept for like, 12 hours and can barely stay awake.
I don't have time to be sickkkkk I have so much to do before graduation still!

nb4: no, its not covid! my friend also got sick since he ate a hot dog from the same batch that day too. symptoms are not covid

Posted in mask design collab is finally here! Posted 1 month ago

Thanks you guys!

I'm not sure, I've always been told that you cant convert RGB to CMYK to get the same effect
but that never made sense to me, since its just about adjusting the CMYK hues I think, so I might try xD

Posted in mask design collab is finally here! Posted 1 month ago

After some USPS delays...
Here is the final result of all your ideas! I still need to make a pastel version xD its on the to do list I swear
The dark bits are darker than intended, but the colors are still there. The embers came out pretty vivid yellow (this photo makes them look more faded than they are)
That's what I get for not coloring in CMYK mode xD

But in the end, I like it!

Its on teepublic if you want one o vo
But my intention in this thread is just to show it off, not advertise. so don't take it that way pls, I make next to nothing from the sales