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@priestess of pie:
ahh yeah, i assume it's not a yearly thing or usually light? i lived in lubbock once, as far as northern tx places go, but not enough to get a clear weather gauge
now im adapted to co winters~

@priestess of pie:
what part of texas, if you dont mind me asking?
i used to live down near houston in the past and remember it snowing briefly. was mostly slush haha

Haha yes, I agree xd
development and all that.

Its snowing agaiiiiiin here!

Thanks, yeah, I gotta remind myself these things sometimes. I try too hard to be like, not offensive, probably cause when I look at myself in the past I'm like hoooooly shet I was an asshole. XD
But yeah, I'll probably end up making a comic strip or something for story telling cause I have a lot of em, good ones too but mostly weird/awkward stories. I just need to decide on a persona character to use cause I have like, multiples lmao

@priestess of pie:
Yeah its a private academy, tucked away in our downtown area. So everyone on campus knows everyone. Putting it that way, it makes a lot more sense. I grew up in a city, where no matter how 'private' a school was, you still had a LOT of students.

I tried to do something like that in the past. Make comics to sorta rant about life, but in a silly manner. But then I was worried that it'd be morally wrong to talk about real people, even if I didn't disclose real names or real appearances.

Then the other day my best friend and I were talking about it, and I said I try so hard to be good to others. And he said something like "maybe you shouldn't be good and just stay in your own lane"
And I kinda get that
Posted in I regret upgrading my PC :( Posted 1 week ago

ahh gotcha. Have you tried a system restore? Usually before I install any updates, I'll set a restore point first in case something goes wrong. Then I'll wait a few months to try again, when they might've fixed it >>

I should also add, my highschool was in a totally different state xD so the whole vibe was different anyway

Right, I don't think my highschool was even this bad. I'm sure some pockets of it were, but from like every student I associated with, any drama going on was usually kept pretty silent. Didn't tend to get super personal.

You would think? It being a very hands-on, busy busy college course. You'd think they would focus more on their practicum hours or their mountains of homework lol
My first instructor there warned me that drama is usually pretty bad in this place, but it still surprises me how bad it gets.
Posted in Wah. It's raining. Posted 1 week ago

I used to commute walk for about 3 miles. Took a lot longer than biking would but my asthma prevented me from using one xD
I'm glad I don't have to do that anymore but man, I've walked through flooded water, hail (hurt), blizzards, wind storms, rain storms. You name it, I probably walked through it. Always had to keep extra clothes in a plastic bag to change into when I'd get to work
Posted in I regret upgrading my PC :( Posted 1 week ago

How's the RAM and processing speed on your pc? D:
I wonder if it's just getting overloaded

Yeah, its about that time of year, everyone is in college or other schools.

My classes are going great, grade-wise. The drama in the school keeps amplifying though and its so disruptive. Its zapping my energy so much, and people have been pointing fingers at me again when all I literally do is come to class, do work, nap on the couch and leave.
My best friend tells me I should make comics about how weird my social life gets.
Posted in PWYW ★ Tarot Readings ★ OPEN Posted 1 week ago

I see, well I might look into them Could be a fun little thing to learn
Of course, I'll definitely come back to you for more readings too.

no worries, i do it all the time ^^;
since my classes started back up ive been pretty distracted too. plus this site felt dead at the same time for a bit