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hey what's up, I'm just here to mess around and make variations on the same avatar. sometimes I draw.

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  • ephenay ephenay (2 weeks ago)

    the art exchange was so much fun this year! you are a kind soul and i hope your holidays have treated you well ;v;

  • Lilypoo Lilypoo (2 months ago)

    Thank you for the comment letting me know! :3 And thank you for hosting it again!!

  • Lilypoo Lilypoo (2 months ago)

    Hey there! I saw~! I really would love to join but I'll have to wait and see how this next week at work goes. End of year is supposed to be extremely busy so will need to see if I survive! XD

  • mizuie mizuie (2 months ago)

    awe thanks for the consideration, but i wont be participating in the art exchange
    thx for thinking of me tho!
    it does mean a lot ouo
    I hope you have a good rest of your night :o)

  • Tsundererra Tsundererra (2 months ago)

    I’m hoping I’ll be able to join next year. I love stuff like this. :)

  • Tsundererra Tsundererra (2 months ago)

    I’ve seen the art exchange, and I really want to join, but I don’t think I’ll have time to do it. T^T Thanks for the heads up though~ I hope everyone has a good time with it. ^^


sleeping, meme-ing