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Forums Events Restless Slumber: The Caged Door (VOTING CLOSED)

Npc — He/Him Posted 2 days ago ( 2021/11/25 00:08:34 )

There’s something very… peculiar about this door. It’s composed of iron bars, and unlike the other doors, you can see right past it, into the depths within. However, you aren’t able to make out much. Beyond the bars you see nothing but ever expanding, ever foreboding darkness. However you do feel something… is that wind? A chill runs up your spine as you make note of how strangely warm it feels, and the possibilities of the source begins to cause you dread.

Working up your nerve, you reach out to swing the door open, stepping into the darkness behind it. You instantly find yourself in a dark, yet lush glen. If it wasn’t so ominous, you could almost mistake it for peaceful. You push past some branches, looking around for what could be the source of this nightmare.

“Ah, man!”

Your attention immediately turns to the sound of a man’s voice, shouting through the trees. Your eyes dart around, before relieved to see Vyctor running through the glen. Well… Relieved is a strong word, because now you have to wonder: what’s he running from?

His eyes widen as he spots you as well, shouting out to you in panted words, “H-Hurry! We gotta.. GO!”

That sounds bad, only mad worse as you feel the ground shake beneath you. The sound of trees crashing down catches your attention, and it makes you hyper aware of the fact something is chasing Vyctor. And to your luck, it’s heading your way as well.

You brace, getting ready to run alongside Vyctor, but curiosity gets the best of you. What horrific, terrifying monster could be lurking within Vyctor’s subconscious? What horror are you about to face?

You don’t hesitate for long, as the massive beast bursts into view, and you’re stunned by the sight of a…

Wait. Is that a bunny rabbit?

“Come on, man, don’t wait around!” Vyctor calls out to you, “I don’t wanna find out what happens when that thing gets you!”

As ridiculous as this all is, he’s not wrong. Bunny or not, this is a nightmare and that thing is larger than a house. Better get running!

Art by Saeyra.

Npc — He/Him Posted 2 days ago ( 2021/11/25 00:08:51 )
Entering the Caged Door led straight to Vyctor's nightmare.
He's being chased by a horrible monster!
Or, sorry, a giant bunny rabbit.
Help him escape the cuteness!

There are four riddles that need to be answered. Solve the riddles to help Vyc make his escape!
This is a group activity. Working together will help make it easier to find all the answers.
But feel free to work alone as well!
Make sure to put your answers under a spoiler to give others a chance to play.

Once all the correct answers have been found, and at least 10 people have attempted to answer,
the EI It's Behind You will be added to Joyful Jamboree.

All participants in this thread will be granted a free It's Behind You at the end of the event.
(Note: Participation includes any form of posting in this thread. Even if you don’t want to join in the game, show your support!)

Npc — He/Him Posted 2 days ago ( 2021/11/25 00:09:27 )

Beneath my scales that do not shed,
Lies a heart that does not beat.

I have many feet
But I cannot walk
I have an ear
But cannot hear.

I have a head with verdant hair,
But no eyes to see with.
I'm born amongst the babies fair,
But have no hands to play with.

You peel my skin,
You slice my flesh,
You cry for my death,
Then do it again.

Current Progress
Unlock Reached!

Npc — He/Him Posted 2 days ago ( 2021/11/25 00:10:00 )

At Vyctor’s side, you begin to run as fast as you can away from the thundering steps of the giant rabbit. You try not to lose your footing as you feel the earth quake beneath you with each hop of its powerful body. This thing is huge! And at it’s speed, it’ll catch up to you both in no time if you don’t figure something out.

As you run through the glen, something bright and red catches your attention in the distance… Is that… Yes! The side of a barn! There’s no way you could miss that! You nudge Vyctor to direct his attention towards it as well.

“Huh… N-Not sure if it’ll work, but worth a shot!” He nods, making the sudden turn to head towards it.

You luck out by not only finding a big barn to hide out in, but the world’s best distraction… A bountiful field of delicious looking vegetables! Unfortunately, you find yourself standing in the middle of it just as the bunny seems to notice it as well. If you’re not quick, you’ll be on the menu too!

Fortunately for you, Vyctor seems to be quicker on the uptake. Before the rabbit has a chance to pounce on you, he grabs you by the arm, yanking you to safety behind the big red barn. The beast doesn’t seem to notice as it immediately begins to gobble up the feast laid out before it.

“Heh… Doubt the farmer’s gunna be too happy about that…” Vyctor sighs, trying to catch his breath before looking you over in concern, “You alright?”

You nod and tell him you’d better hurry out of there, that field isn’t going to distract a rabbit of that size for very long. He shrugs, giving you a crooked, lazy smile as you lead him back to the exit.

“Don’t gotta tell me twice… I trust ya to get us outta here.”


You have unlocked the chance to vote for which door you'd like to enter first.
To vote, simply ping Vyctor with: @Vyctor: I vote for [this door].
The door that receives the highest votes will be the thread unlocked tomorrow at 6pm Voltra Time.

Doors Available:
The Inscribed Door
A Door Covered in Mysterious Writing

The Youthful Door
A Fun Painted Door Covered in Drawings

The Overgrown Door
An Aged Door Covered in Moss and Vines

The Lost Door
The Decaying Door
The Damp Door
The Reflective Door
The Unlucky Door
The Shaking Door
The Watchful Door
The Caged Door

Voltie — She/They Posted 2 days ago ( 2021/11/25 00:14:55 )

Ah... Riddles... I see... -blinks-


Voltie — She/They Posted 2 days ago ( 2021/11/25 00:23:25 )

Well, I think I may know the first and last one, but the other two... Need to think more. Half of the second one makes me think of one thing, but I don't think the first part fits with that. For the third one, only the first line sort of makes sense to me at the moment

Since we can work together, here are my thoughts so far:
The first makes me think of an artichoke. It has a scale-like exterior and a heart.

The ear part of the second one makes me think of corn, but I don't think corn has feet, so I feel like that's not right. You can have corns on your feet though, so maybe it's a reference to that

My thought for the third is cabbage maybe. A head of cabbage is green (verdant), and there are Cabbage Patch Kids for the baby part.

And I think the fourth is an onion.


Donator — He/him Posted 2 days ago ( 2021/11/25 00:33:34 )

I think it's corn too. Corn gets to be many feet tall.

Voltie — She/They Posted 2 days ago ( 2021/11/25 00:36:26 )

@Nerevar: Ah yeah that would make sense too. Well, in that case I'll just submit my answers and see if they're right or not!

My answers:
1. Artichoke
2. Corn
3. Cabbage
4. Onion


Donator — pancake Posted 2 days ago ( 2021/11/25 00:43:50 )
Shot in the dark:

Donator — He/him Posted 2 days ago ( 2021/11/25 00:46:48 )

1-Maybe a dragonfruit...? I'm not sure on this one
4-Onion? Gotta be onion!!

Fingers crossed!
I stream sometimes!

Donator — He/They Posted 2 days ago ( 2021/11/25 00:56:34 )
(˵◕ ᴥ ◕˵)ノ Hello there

oh boi
Ive never been great at riddles...

My thoughts on the answers...
1: A dead betta fish
2: A dead milipete
3: Lettuce
4: Onion


。.:☆*:・ヽ(˵◕ ᴥ ◕˵)

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Voltie — She/They Posted 2 days ago ( 2021/11/25 01:16:14 )
My answers are below, this was interesting.

Riddle 1:
Artichoke Hearts

Riddle 2:
Corn on the Cob

Riddle 3:
Baby cabbages seems closest I can think of?

Riddle 4:
Definitely an onion

The thought process is:
They all have in common is that they are vegetables/food..?

Riddle 3 is throwing me off with the mention of babies, so that is why I said what I did.
Also, rabbits/bunnies eat vegetables so seeing a rabbit/bunny in the photo I felt like was a small hint as well, but, I could be very wrong.

Voltie Posted 2 days ago ( 2021/11/25 01:18:15 )

        Uhh, okay, here we go...
        I think #1 is right bc my family used to get em and I might know a thing.
        #2 gotta be right cos what else is it gonna be????
        #3 smelling like baby powder rn ;D
        #4 not a question at all. lmao

        1. artichoke
        2. corn
        3. cabbage
        4. onion

        After comparing answers to others, I feel even more confident.
        Either we're all right, or we're all idiots together.

Donator — She, Her Posted 2 days ago ( 2021/11/25 01:21:51 )

Ohh thanks

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.”

Voltie Posted 2 days ago ( 2021/11/25 01:42:09 )

An ear of corn?

I don't have the brain power to deal with the other riddles right now

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Donator — He/Him Posted 2 days ago ( 2021/11/25 02:13:23 )


i'm actually surprised to see most everyone else had the same answers as me! hopefully that means i didn't get them wrong lol

>>Art for me?<< >>Art for you!<<

Donator — she/her Posted 2 days ago ( 2021/11/25 02:16:55 )

Oh man, let's try to give this a shot.

- Artichoke?

- Corn?

- Lettuce, cabbage, or Brussels sprouts?

- Onion


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Donator — She/Her Posted 2 days ago ( 2021/11/25 02:19:41 )
Low, keep your head, keep your head low...
.......................................Oh, you gotta keep your head low...

These last few puzzles have required more brain power than I can offer at the moment.

...If you wanna keep your head
Mr. Spider wants M̷̖̥͓̋͆́̚o̶̟͛̅r̴̨͍͔̦̰͙̈́e̵̝͑̆͐

Artist — He/Him Posted 2 days ago ( 2021/11/25 02:25:17 )

1. Artichoke
2. Corn
3. Lettuce/Cabbage
4. Onion

Npc — He/Him Posted 2 days ago ( 2021/11/25 02:39:25 )
Heh, thanks for the help back there. I really owe you one.
The It's Behind You item has been unlocked in Joyful Jamboree

Check the fourth post on the front page for an update.

Voting has begun.

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