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Voltie Posted 12 months ago ( 2023/03/5 15:56:23 )
@Purpsy: Yeah, what I understand of the Philippines is that it can be a tough environment. That said, I'd love to visit the country some day. :3 I can completely see why and how your family might be encouraging a certain amount of comparison. If it's done in a "this is what you can aspire to" without the greed, etc., attached, it can be a motivating thing... but at that point, it's not really comparison, but observation...

You can get fined for not shoveling?? WTH? o_0 Sorry, but Canada is weird.... :P (but I suspect there are similar things in place in certain areas in the U.S. too... so I can't really ... compare XD XD (see what I did there? XD ) )

rofl... ok, I amuse myself far too much!

Yes, I'm thinking that it's going to be another chill day for me... I'm glad that you'll be getting one too - and some solitude, if everyone is out and about today!


Voltie Posted 12 months ago ( 2023/03/6 13:50:42 )
..... good....morning...?

It's Monday.
I still feel "dead-ish" (but I'm not really complaining; I think I need some time to myself to be "dead").

How are you?

What are the plans for the day?

................................ and..... 593. *huffs* ... just 'cuz. :3 XD


Donator — whatever Posted 12 months ago ( 2023/03/6 19:24:24 )

Well the good news is yesterday I got some motivation and did a little of my long overdue plant maintenance!

Bad news is I haven't done squat today.

I thought about walking up to Walgreens to pick up my photo print and get out of the house but waaaah, it's hooooot.

So so far I'm just sat here at the computer. :P


Voltie Posted 12 months ago ( 2023/03/6 20:47:45 )
@CooperationIsKey: Wow... sounds like you're bouncing all over the place - being productive... not quite being productive! ... but what do you mean it's hooooot? It's 70°F or so out there. It's only going to get warmer! XD

edit: I take it back... it's hot out there if you're out for more than 5 minutes...


Donator — whatever Posted 12 months ago ( 2023/03/7 06:01:23 )

@wildfire: 70? It was 84 degrees here when I considered going earlier in the day lol! I did end up going though eventually. Picked up my photo print (a freebie I got by getting their ads in my email) and a couple of the Peeps nail polishes from this year's line because I have a problem lmao. :)

Voltie Posted 12 months ago ( 2023/03/7 12:13:08 )
@CooperationIsKey: lol. My phone lied to me. It said it was 70 or something... I swear! XD It was obviously not 70 when I actually spent a couple minutes outside though... and my phone? Maybe I misread it or it didn't refresh the temp display from this morning, or who knows - maybe it's looking at someplace other than here for some reason, and reporting that...

So you got your print, then? That's cool :3 What's it of??
I miss having "real" tangible photos!! I mean, obviously, I have a few of the kids on the walls and stuff, but I miss the old-school photo albums, etc.

LOL - PeePs nail polishes. Who ever would'a thunk that? XD So, ok - what colors did you get??

Also....... good morning. :3 How are you?


Donator — whatever Posted 12 months ago ( 2023/03/8 00:49:26 )

Lmao that's okay, sometimes my phone does that too. It happens!

The photo is of my late best friend, a cute one where she's holding up a sign she drew of her hugging the Ninja Turtles very tightly with "They're mine! All mine!" captioned on it. It's adorable hahaha. I'm going to frame it. I have a handful of physical photos and they're I think entirely ones I got as freebies from Walgreens. :)

This is Sally Hansen's second year doing Peeps nail polishes; last year they were regular flat polishes and one glitter, but this year they're the same colors (mostly) but they're textured to look like your nails are sugar coated. They're really cute! I can't stop fidgeting with my nails because of the texture haha. I got the pink and the blue this time; I'm getting them a couple at a time 'cause they're almost $6 a piece so they add up fast.

I'm doing pretty good; spent more than I would have liked at the grocery store (we needed stuff but I don't have my food stamps yet) but other than that had a pretty good day. :)


Voltie Posted 12 months ago ( 2023/03/8 14:01:28 )
@CooperationIsKey: Awww... that sounds like a cute photo and a really great memento of your late friend. <3

Oh, that's a pretty color! And the texture is definitely interesting-looking... I can almost feel it just by looking at the photo! I think it would make me a bit crazy, though, having that texture on my nails - I'd want to play with it too!! XD

Having food in the house is usually a good thing - I'm glad you got that chore done. So what's the menu plan this week?


Donator — whatever Posted 12 months ago ( 2023/03/8 16:18:38 )

@Wildfire: Lol the texture is very fun to play with!

I think our houseguest is making shepherd's pie tonight. I plan to make chicken and yellow rice tomorrow. Not sure beyond that!

What are you up to today?


Voltie Posted 12 months ago ( 2023/03/8 16:41:31 )
@CooperationIsKey: oh... I haven't made shepherd's pie in a long time! *drools a bit* XD

Today... errm... I'm apparently taking care of some of those miscellaneous and random little things around the house or for myself... like deleting stuff from my was-overflowing Amazon wishlists, and finding and organizing audiobooks that got kinda lost on my devices/apps, and rethinking some organizational options for around the house, and doing "laps" (as I call them) around the house putting those little things away that seem to accumulate on counters, tables, etc. ........ stuff like that. Nothing particularly demanding... or exciting - lol!

And, I think pretty soon, I'm going to go play video games for a while too (I so rarely just get to sit and do that, and ... I wanna! LOL)!

What about you? What's on your list for the day?


Donator — whatever Posted 12 months ago ( 2023/03/8 16:51:49 )

@Wildfire: Ah, fun stuff lol. But stuff that's gotta be done!

I might try to do some plant maintenance today. Several of my plants are overdo for some work. I think I'm going to have to sacrifice the longest vine on my Marble Queen Pothos because sadly the pretty white swirling on the leaves has reverted to plain green on that one. But hopefully cutting it back will encourage more of the swirled leaves to grow. :)

Other than that I'm tempted to play something myself. Haven't played any of my games in a while. Not sure what I want to play though! I haven't checked on Core Keeper in a while so maybe that, or maybe Stardew Valley...


Voltie Posted 12 months ago ( 2023/03/8 17:23:44 )
@CooperationIsKey: Yeah... the little things that need to be done. I wasn't really planning on doing this stuff today, but it needs to be done and it's a good thing that I seem to be in the right frame of mind and energy levels to do it. :3

Ahhh... yeah... pothos! There is some growing wild on the trees in our back yard - the leaves are bigger than I am, I think (seriously, some of them are definitely bigger than my head... some of them are more like the size of my torso!). I may be misremembering, but doesn't the plant revert back to solid green if it's not getting enough sun? Regardless, I hope your trimming it helps you get the effect you want! :3 It can be such a pretty plant to have around!

... I should do some plant maintenance too, actually... but I don't feel like braving the pollen just yet...


Donator — whatever Posted 12 months ago ( 2023/03/8 17:49:41 )

@Wildfire: Yeah, and this vine was on the "dark" side of the filing cabinet in my room for a while, and I think that did it. Even though it gets plenty of light now--I'm sure it does because the other vines are gloriously marbled--it was too late. I'm going to lose a lot of distance on that vine but I think it's worth it to get it back to it's swirly glory. :3

And omg I *love* the giant ones so much. I'm sad because at the barn my roommate boards her house, there's a tree that was super overgrown with pothos and it was so cool, but they've been cleaning up the property and cut back most of it. There's still a lot in the yard but those huge leaves are so cool to me!

Pothos is my favorite plant at the moment; I have three varieties, my very favorite being my N'Joy, which is like splotchy dark green and white. It's sooo pretty and it's finally starting to grow out some. :D

Lol the crazy wind the other day blew all the catkins (apparently that's what the pollen thingies are called) out of our tree. I know the air quality still sucks but at least it's not as bad dropping pollen everywhere!


Voltie Posted 12 months ago ( 2023/03/8 19:39:33 )
@CooperationIsKey: I keep having to weed the pothos out of my yard and garden - it would take over (along with the snake plants)... and since they're not edible (which is the focus of my garden), they gotta go! XD But I do enjoy seeing the dinosauriffic pothos on the trees! Plants can be so weird sometimes - it's like if they get 10 minutes more sun in one place they're happy, but without it, they're miserable. I currently have most of my houseplants sitting on a halfwall in the house so they can get more sun from the skylights. They've been there a couple of days now, and they do seem happier. They can't really stay though, so I'm going to have to figure something else out.

Catkins... is that what they're called? Yeah - I've been staying inside the last couple of days, and it sounds like it was a really good decision! That wind was fairly impressive!


Voltie Posted 12 months ago ( 2023/03/9 14:50:39 )
.......and...... good morning?

So where is everyone lately? ... not that I can really talk -I've been offline more often than not lately too- but I am genuinely curious... where is everyone? What has everyone been doing? ... and how's whatever projects and activities you're involved with going??


Donator — whatever Posted 11 months ago ( 2023/03/9 18:32:22 )

@wildfire: Yeah, pothos do grow like weeds, lol. Omigosh no you definitely don't want to eat them, lol; in fact they can really do a number on you or pets that do! And yes, some plants are very temperamental. Which reminds me I need to check on my one plant I set out on the porch a couple days ago, hmm.

Yeah, I was wondering if they had an actual name so I looked it up with like "what are the pollen thingies on trees called" lmao. Got my answer though!

As for where everyone is, good question! I haven't been super active myself, I guess. ^^;

Please ping me!

Voltie Posted 11 months ago ( 2023/03/10 13:55:46 )
@CooperationIsKey: exactly... pothos is pretty, but I don't want them taking up space in my garden (and getting out of control, climbing all over the house, whatever! XD ) but because of the wild ones growing in to the trees nearby, there's always runners everywhere...

It never occurred to me to look up the name of those brown pollen things that the oaks (I think it's the oaks) send down. They are accumulating in piles these days... ugh. Thank you for sharing the name and knowledge! :3

Yeah... everyone seems to have disappeared, huh? I haven't been around too much because I've been busy being... errm... not busy? LOL - I've been doing other things more, the last week or so, but it seems like everyone else has too.... /shrug/


Voltie Posted 11 months ago ( 2023/03/10 15:50:47 )

@Wildfire: has been a stressful week for me. I'm dealing the usual seasonal depression/burnout but I have to clean and tidy things up here. Which is more stressful than usual, living with someone who hoards n all that. There's people over my apt. today getting some electrical done involving drilling holes and such which I have no clue what's going on so that is why I'm at the library chilling.

I'll be here until late afternoon or so but maybe I'll walk around later and grab something to eat. I wanted to get some drawing done here so I brought my laptop and tablet with me but... I forgot my stylus at home (´•̥ω•̥`) Life is just effin great! Hence my long rant...

Sorry for being inactive but I've just been busy. I hope your week is going much better than mines.


Voltie Posted 11 months ago ( 2023/03/10 16:12:48 )
@Purpsy: it sounds like you're just a ball of stress and anxiety right now. I'm sorry to hear that :( I hope things with the electrical go smoothly and that you start feeling better soon. I think your decision to go to the library was a good one... although it probably would have been better for you if you'd remembered your stylus :3 <3

Oh - you don't have to apologize for being inactive!!! I was just curious what everyone's up to lately. It's not like I've exactly been sitting here all day chatting either...

┤▒├ Hangout with me! ┤▒├

Voltie Posted 11 months ago ( 2023/03/10 16:29:13 )

@Wildfire: It should be fine they have been going door to door at it for a week now doing the similar thing and It has been loud. No way I'm staying for that. And thank you, it has been stressing me out more than usual, normally I don't have it this bad but... I've been dealing with personal stuff also.

Thanks I just meant to reply here earlier but I was just very out of it. Weew I've been all over the place this week.


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