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Voltie Posted 12 months ago ( 2023/02/28 19:37:24 )

@wildfire: Oh god... (⊙_⊙) That sounds super annoying to deal with... I would lose it eventually if I were in your shoes. *gives you a virtual hug* Hang in there and your poor little nose x.x

Yeah it doesn't happen to me often also but the rest I needed to fold were just socks and underwear. I washed a huge load and didn't have energy left to fold them lel. And I have no clue really... sometimes my hair does that and I can only suspect because is cold today or something.


Voltie Posted 12 months ago ( 2023/02/28 20:08:51 )
@Purpsy: *returns hug* Thank you. Yeah... it's not a lot of fun... but it has been worse...

Actually, I take back the "no laundry sitting" thing - there's a basket of towels on a coffee table that never got folded... which, in my mind, isn't quite the same thing as letting shirts, etc. sit. And socks and underwear? Yeah... those get tossed in to a smaller, separate basket to be dealt with at a different time (usually after all the "real clothes" are folded) XD

The temperature and humidity is probably factoring in to your hair not getting dried. I remember that happening to me sometimes too when I was living in the north.


Donator Posted 12 months ago ( 2023/03/1 00:59:21 )
@Wildfire: I went to work all day today too. C: Soooo NICE to get away from the condo and daycare. /happy sigh/
My job is secure, same with my sister, especially since the remote workers are listening to her business advice and implementing some of it. She makes for a very good business woman and boss. [now]... I used to work for her and her business a long time ago and I hated her work ethic and she was a terrible boss. XD But- always has been a good business woman with her grey area ideas. XDD

Does going to the beach relieve some of that pollen pain?

Voltie Posted 12 months ago ( 2023/03/1 04:02:21 )

@Wildfire: Hahaha... well I didn't really get around folding mines today...
I went too deep into YouTube loophole and got heavily distracted (◎_◎)

That makes sense, it also makes my hair very dry and rough and I shampooed and condition my hair thoroughly earlier.


Voltie Posted 12 months ago ( 2023/03/1 12:50:39 )
@Koah: The beach gives me an opportunity to be outside and enjoying the beautiful weather without getting rained on by pollen (usually) but I don't know that it relieves the symptoms. The sunshine feels good though :3

Oh, I'm really glad that things are working out for you and your sister with this job and that neither of you were laid off. If you're going to work with family, it's a really good thing that they're good at their job. I guess that issue with the other person trying to take your sister's ideas as her own has been resolved :3 That's good. I hate it when people try to pull that kind of thing.

Good morning. Are you back to work again today, or helping with the day care??


Voltie Posted 12 months ago ( 2023/03/1 12:56:03 )
@Purpsy: lol... the towels are still in a basket here too. It doesn't happen very often, but I'm not going to worry myself about it too much.

Ooooohh... rabbit holes are easy to fall down if you're on Youtube or several of the social media platforms! It's why I try to limit my access to and time on them - I spend enough time on avatar sites without adding to it most of the time! XD

Good morning. So what's in the plans for the day today?


Donator Posted 12 months ago ( 2023/03/1 13:37:15 )
@Wildfire: I wish I could just fly out there for the day and burn my buttcheeks on the beach and be rejuvenated by the sun. XDD
They never gave my sister credit for the ideas they implemented, which.. I think is a good thing. <.< /cough- Monday's firing splurge -cough/

Good Morning, I have some goals in mind right now that helped me wake up feeling a little more energetic. And I did my workout before I went to bed last night too. :3

I'll be doing daycare duties today and maybe some errands.

Voltie Posted 12 months ago ( 2023/03/1 13:50:40 )
@Koah: Aaaaah... gotcha concerning your sister's ideas :3 XD Yeah, it's probably not a good thing that ... uhhh... that particular idea (at least) is acknowledged XD

Yeah... there's a reason why this is a prime "Spring Break" location. I wish you could come down and hang on the beach too... you deserve at least a mini vacation with all the stress you've been dealing with recently...

Oh, I'm glad you did your workout! <3 Hubby and I never did make it to the gym yesterday - too much of my time was spent doing other things to squeeze that in (at least not without making myself crazy <--- and that is key for me right now). I'm not sure if it's going to happen today either, tbh... but I have book club tonight and get to see and spend time with friends/people in person for a couple of hours (discussing a book I have not read/listened to - lol)!

And YAY for inspiring goals! <3

Good luck with the Daycare duties - lol XD


Voltie Posted 12 months ago ( 2023/03/1 14:14:32 )

@Wildfire: The plan is... do the things I haven't done yesterday xD But I woke up with an annoying headache this morning and is slowly going away.
I'm hopelessly addicted to the internet... but I guess that's about the same for everyone.

How's your morning going?


Voltie Posted 12 months ago ( 2023/03/1 16:08:46 )
@Purpsy: Awww... I'm sorry to hear about the headache! Has it completely gone yet? I hope so.

LOL - there are definitely a lot of people addicted to the internet. It's rather sad, actually... IMO, anyway. I can't help but think "what wonderful things people could accomplish if not for the internet and video games all the time" :3

My day is ... going. I did some reading. I showered. I played about 30 minutes of games. Now I'm getting something to eat and am trying to decide what else to do with my day. I don't really feel like doing anything other than maybe some more reading and/or sketching...?? /shrug/ I dunno. I'll figure it out. I'm definitely not feeling up to any of the larger tasks on my list today though...

How about you - how's your day going?


Voltie Posted 12 months ago ( 2023/03/1 17:35:26 )

@Wildfire: Is gone now but not my tiredness... I finally got the folding done and I'm honestly trying to hype myself to at least sweep the floors or draw and I don't really feel like doing both of those things either x.x

That is true. I have gone without internet in longer periods of time before and without those distractions it has been such a horrific and weirdly felt more alive moments of my life. And I feel slightly ashamed and sad for admitting that x'DD

I think I'm just going to lay down for a bit and chill and get around to do those things later. I don't have a lot of energy to spend today due to my terrible sleep lately. RIP


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Voltie Posted 12 months ago ( 2023/03/2 13:16:33 )
@Purpsy: So how did your day yesterday end up going? Did you get your sweeping and other tasks accomplished?

Yes, IMO, there is definitely something "deadening" about being online all the time. I think we have gotten so caught up in the make-believe that's on our phones, computers, and televisions, we don't know what's real any more and we sure don't know how to interact with reality or other people very well. We are in the Matrix!! /dead/ But there is definitely nothing wrong with admitting that you've felt more alive in those times when you weren't "plugged in" - it's a good thing you recognize that!! <3

.......................... anyway, today is a new day! Good morning. How are you? How did you sleep? What's on your To Do list today? Caffeine?


Donator Posted 12 months ago ( 2023/03/2 13:46:20 )
@Wildfire: How did book club go last night? learn anything about the book you haven't read? lol

Good morning.

Voltie Posted 12 months ago ( 2023/03/2 13:54:58 )
@Koah: I didn't end up going. I lost my voice mid-afternoon and as the day progressed, it was only getting worse. It's probably only due to allergies doing weird things to my sinuses, but since this was a new development, I didn't want to risk it and "share" on that off-chance it was a virus. The book club is mostly friends (& sometimes their partners) from homeschooling. The book we were supposed to discuss (and I didn't read) was The Girls Who Stepped Out of Line: Untold Stories of the Women Who Changed the Course of World War II by Mari Eder


Voltie Posted 12 months ago ( 2023/03/2 13:59:51 )
And yes, good morning.

I... didn't really sleep last night. I was hot, then I was cold, I was fighting with the covers, randomly waking up, etc.... ugh.

How are you?


Donator Posted 12 months ago ( 2023/03/2 14:01:58 )
@Wildfire: I hope your voice is coming back today. For how bad your allergies are, I'm surprised you still live there. =o That's a lot of suffering through the year. I'm sure the sun and easy access to activities is worth it though.
I have not heard of that book, I'm sure it's a good read.

Baby actually let me sleep last night. I only had to get up once for him. o3o
I'm drinking a coffee and making sure my kids stay on track and be ready for school this am.

Voltie Posted 12 months ago ( 2023/03/2 14:13:02 )
@Koah: Meh... The allergies are due to just overwhelming amounts of pollen and are manageable with OTC meds. Yes, they're annoying, but I don't know where I'd go (that wasn't completely frozen) if I wanted to escape them - back to the northeast? I never had allergies until I moved to Florida. Never, ever, not even slightly. /shrug/ The sun and all the activity options are definitely a perk of being here :3

The book is apparently a series of short stories about various women and what they did in WWII. I didn't read it partly because the library didn't have it available in any form and I just didn't feel like buying it. I'm sure at least some of the stories were amazing.

I'm glad you got some sleep last night! Hopefully the rest of your day will go well too. What's on the schedule for the day today?

┤▒├ Hangout with me! ┤▒├

Voltie Posted 12 months ago ( 2023/03/2 14:34:30 )
    Moving to different geographical areas seems to have that effect. I'm from the north and when I moved south for school I had some bad allergies because of all the new flora. Then I moved across the country and I'm introduced to completely new plants and environments so my poor head feels like a balloon whenever it's windy here. And it's windy often. //laughs

    That being said, I hope your allergies clear up smoothly and you get better sleep tonight.

    I've only ever caught little tidbits about women's roles in World War II. Didn't sex workers contribute greatly to the spy network for allies? I'd have to re-read the information but I think entertainers did a lot, too; developing codes, passing on information, etc.

Donator Posted 12 months ago ( 2023/03/2 14:37:09 )
@Wildfire: When I was teen, we moved from the northwest to a valley in california and that's when my mom got hit with allergies. She had never had them before that. It was due to pollen and smog between two cities getting pushed to that little valley. I don't miss that place.
I'm going to be doing some financey-stuff today and helping with the daycare. I still have gloves to work on at home too. I really enjoy being able to do both. I can escape the daycare now and work on gloves upstairs. I did this a few weeks back, but that was more of a ... finish the daycare, go upstairs and work on gloves for hours, then sleep and repeat.

Donator Posted 12 months ago ( 2023/03/2 14:42:11 )
@blue: Hi! Good morning. <3
I'll be joining the allergy club once the snow begins to melt here. /sigh/ Snow Mold is a nasty thing. It won't be a problem here until April or so.

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