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Forums Welcome Committee hello! oopsie!

Voltie — ??? Posted 4 days ago ( 2020/07/30 15:11:55 )

hihi! new user and i accidentally forgot to save enough volts to get a face for my avi ๐Ÿ˜ณ please press F for me gamers

im 20 in age, part of a DID system, and new to the site, but very familiar with avatar sites overall! i was addicted to gaia for years lmao
i take a little while to warm up but i love people i promise :-) nice to be here!


Donator — Trashboat Posted 4 days ago ( 2020/07/30 15:43:33 )
@20px: welcome faceless stranger! I was an addict of Gaia as well. It was my favorite place to be back in the day! Now it’s here. uwu. The community is great, I hope our find yourself at home here! ^^
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Artist — Frog bless Posted 4 days ago ( 2020/07/30 16:19:00 )

Ha! It's easy to get carried away in the shops. (I do it all the time)

Welcome to Voltra!
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Voltie Posted 4 days ago ( 2020/07/30 16:21:19 )
Hello there and welcome faceless one! :D
You're joining at the right moment, there's an event going on ;v;
Sorry if Reply late!
Please ping me!

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Donator — She/Her Posted 4 days ago ( 2020/07/30 16:54:45 )
Faces are optional don't worry about it
returned 6/7

Voltie — He/Him Posted 4 days ago ( 2020/07/30 17:13:10 )
"You've had too much of the digital love..."

Welcome!! :D
I'm part of a DID system too :3

You can earn a bunch of volts by posting on event threads btw :0

"You want everything live, you want things you can touch."
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Donator — Kushy Posted 4 days ago ( 2020/07/30 22:33:38 )
@20px welcome :)

Donator — F, S, DnB Posted 4 days ago ( 2020/07/30 22:42:19 )
**** (> o . o <) ****

@20px: Hi there and welcome to Voltra c:
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Voltie — he/they Posted 4 days ago ( 2020/07/31 01:55:07 )
โ‡œโ”ˆโ”ˆโ”ˆโ”ˆโ”ˆโ”ˆ โˆ˜ ๊•ฅ โˆ˜ โ”ˆโ”ˆโ”ˆโ”ˆโ”ˆโ”ˆโ‡

i'm also a system, its nice to see more of us on here!

โ‡œโ”ˆโ”ˆโ”ˆโ”ˆโ”ˆโ”ˆ โˆ˜ ๊•ฅ โˆ˜ โ”ˆโ”ˆโ”ˆโ”ˆโ”ˆโ”ˆโ‡


โ”‹ ๐•๐„๐’๐’ โ”‹ ๐ญ๐ฐ๐ž๐ง๐ญ๐ฒ-๐ฌ๐ข๐ฑ โ”‹ ๐ง๐š๐ญ๐ข๐ฏ๐ž โ”‹

Voltie — they/he Posted 3 days ago ( 2020/07/31 07:22:53 )
welcome :> youll get a face soon enough

Voltie — ??? Posted 2 days ago ( 2020/08/1 17:12:09 )

thank you guys for the warm welcome!! :-) forgive the late reply lmao- ill hopefully see you all around!
im glad to see this place is active :-0 hopefully i can make this my new main avatar site!

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Donator — She/her Posted 2 days ago ( 2020/08/2 04:15:37 )

@20px: Hi welcome to Voltra! Feel free to join the event!

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I'm friendly and will chat with anyone!

Donator — they/them Posted 15 hours ago ( 2020/08/3 04:08:39 )
โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ• โˆ˜โ—ฆแต’ .โ‹†๏ฝกหšโ˜ฝหš๏ฝกโ‹†. แต’โ—ฆโˆ˜

@20px: hi welcome to voltra ^^
just fyi we're in the middle of an event right now :3
you can join a team (you'll get some clothes) and pick up a free cat item while it's going on ^^

โˆ˜โ—ฆแต’ .โ‹†๏ฝกหšโ˜ฝหš๏ฝกโ‹†. แต’โ—ฆโˆ˜ โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•

โ €
โ €
โ €
โˆ˜โ—ฆแต’ .โ‹†๏ฝกหšโ˜ฝโ € {โ €art shopโ €·โ €wishlistโ €·โ €closetโ €}โ €โ˜ฝหš๏ฝกโ‹†.
โˆ˜โ—ฆแต’ .โ‹†๏ฝกหšโ˜ฝโ € {โ €buying/questing: necromancer, corrupted ichorโ €}โ € โ˜ฝหš๏ฝกโ‹†.

art by koneko <3

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